Sanjana Heda







Hey God, Let's have one more glass of alcohol together....                                 You tell me why you created this world..And I tell you how to live in this world...                                                 Cheers!!

Cheers with God ..God also needs few pecks to reveal the actual reason of creating the world and we need him to actually tell him the misery of life that how we are suffering in his own created world...It's good to share glass with your Creator #drunktext #god #cheers #creator#YQBaba

16 NOV AT 1:22

तुम भी ना एक किताब की तरह ही हो जिसे जब जब पढ़ा करती हूँ, सबसे जुदा, फिर नया कुछ पाती हूँ।

एक नयी किताब मेरी कुछ ऐसी ।।#किताब #YQदीदी#YQbaba

29 OCT AT 13:42

He Comes into my Life, I am the most happiest person on this planet..👧     If, He goes from my Life, I am the most successful person on this planet...💁                                                 Whatever the case happens to be, I'll make sure that I only Win....👸

^^May God let me Win in my true beloved happiness which is the actual key unlocking my heaven success....(pic credits goes to Rachel Neville photography) #happiest #successful #win #YQBaba #YQtales

27 OCT AT 23:23