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Sampoorna Gonella 15 JUN AT 22:53

I remember the first Sushant Singh Rajput movie I watched-Shuddh Desi Romance.



Sampoorna Gonella 3 MAY AT 10:41

I thought words were a barter
for the pain that lodged in my heart every night
but now my pockets are empty.



Sampoorna Gonella 27 APR AT 10:37

First Date



Sampoorna Gonella 15 APR AT 9:08

Write me a song that talks about
hope, like when we put eyelashes
on the backs of our palms
and whispered our dreams
into empty vessels of air.

love, like the scent of adrak chai
on a day of allergies,
the language of comfort
on days when fear coils in my throat,
or wraps itself in the sure touch
of your palm.

Write me a song about life
that arrived in your footsteps
like a drop of rain
on a scorched leaf
and glides like a melody
every day.


Sampoorna Gonella 13 APR AT 11:48

Memories of your smile
Soft rose lips trace a slight tilt
into your sallow skin.

Curls, still soft, clumped into strands
brush against my fingers
Silk on ageing bark.

Words, quavering in a voice
still honeyed, yet fraught with
impending ends.

How I wish
Memories of your lips
were anything but bittersweet.


Sampoorna Gonella 11 APR AT 13:01

All characters appearing in this book are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to the name of the author is purely coincidental.


Sampoorna Gonella 11 APR AT 5:09

You arrive like a dream,
sudden and spontaneous,
painting yourself from an array of thoughts.

Your strokes are easy and unconscious.
You become a narrator, stories spilling
out of your palette
like fountains of color,
spreading across the canvas in flourishes
until there is a leaflet of paper left.

And like a jolt that steals one
from the comfort of sleep,
you vanish, asking to be found
by the writer
in words of his own.


Sampoorna Gonella 10 APR AT 5:27

I am a woman of multiple skills.
By day I am fiercely passionate,
reveling in the excitement of a blossoming career.
And in the promise of a safe haven at my workplace.



Sampoorna Gonella 9 APR AT 10:58

The thing about night is
that she comes bearing hindsight
and bifocals.
And I never looked at a rearview mirror
without a speckle.

Day is a seamstress.
A loose thread, a lost button,
you bet your pennies her fingers, nimble
will mask them fine.

But night is a ruse.
She sets out dazzling you with the
sparkles on her sleeves
but they shine brighter
on those stitches, undone.


Sampoorna Gonella 8 APR AT 6:43

My mind is a microscope,
and no acne scar,
love handle
or social cripple escapes its lens.



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