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A Home Far Away from Home

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Sam Joy 1 JUN AT 22:26

Three basic rules Joy leads her life by :
• I'm okay with anything/everything as long as it does not kill me.
• Everything I do is for dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphin.
• I try not to harm anyone.


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Sam Joy 1 JUN AT 18:45

I am confused whether I should let go and move on or wait and help the person heal the wounds from his past while bearing all the pain he is causing us in our present.


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Sam Joy 1 JUN AT 18:41

"Do you love me?" she asked.

"I like you enough to let you be with me," he replied.


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Sam Joy 1 JUN AT 16:39

I figured that my mind is still like that of a small child.
For instance, when I say, "I hate humans", it doesn't mean that I hate humans. It means that I don't understand humans. Just like when a school kid says, "I hate Maths", what it truly means is "I doesn't understand Maths."


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Sam Joy 1 JUN AT 15:52

I'm sorry I'm late.
But I genuinely needed those 10 hours of physical, emotional and most importantly social retreat.


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Sam Joy 1 JUN AT 14:29

I have finally decided to venture into the wilderness and talk to strangers in the hope that I might make some friends in this lonely new place.


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Sam Joy 11 MAY AT 10:54

Joy was patting a dog just outside a temple.
Joy's mom said, "Stop behaving like a kid. Grow up."
Joy looked at her confused.
She told Joy not to pat the dog. The people around shooed it away.
Joy said, "You pour milk on stone. Why can't I pat a living creature?"
Joy received a death stare from mom.
**End of conversation**


Sam Joy 8 MAY AT 12:55

Joy’s therapist says that according to Elizabeth Ross, there are five stages of grief, namely, denial, anger, bargain, depression and finally, acceptance.
But Joy wonders, “What happens after acceptance? Does grief come to an end?”
“Unfortunately, it doesn’t. But, healing can truly begin only after acceptance.”

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Sam Joy 18 APR AT 15:40

"Ain't I a drag?" asked drunk Joy as she rested her back against the gritty LHC terrace floor, simultaneously gesturing her friend to lie down so that she could rest her head on his arm.

"Nooo," answered Kuttan in a slightly high-pitched tone and then resorting to his normal voice, "You are like my little sister and I love you. It's just that I don't like the smell of alcohol," he clarified staring at the deep blue sky with bright white dots as he lay down beside Joy extending one of his arms so that it served as a pillow for her.

(The rest of the incident in caption.)


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