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A pharmacist who plays the part of a blogger, poet, and an athlete.
Joined 25 June 2018

A pharmacist who plays the part of a blogger, poet, and an athlete.
Joined 25 June 2018
4 APR AT 4:12

the dilemma, the fear of being in love again.

It's the radiance of night that one closes the eyes and surrender to the feelings, others keep on writing!!


30 MAR AT 21:36

He loved her in parts,

It took her entire life to collect those pieces with her name.


27 MAR AT 10:16

I humiliate myself everytime I beg to talk to him,
I start being harsh on myself, everytime I feel rejected by him
I doubt my capability everytime I see him looking at someone else
I cry hard everytime I see him going away,
And I regret, every moment I insult myself by loving him more than I should.


27 MAR AT 10:15

To be with a person who has nothing to do with your emotions but want to be taken care of,
Who compliments your body, not your mind,
Who wants to dive in your pants rather than soul,
Who can stare your face for hours but cannot see the crying eyes,
Who protects you from others just to humiliate in private,
It's so fucking difficult because you know everything but still can't leave, you will die and you can't stay, you will die!!


18 MAR AT 13:53

I have not been living these years,
in the fear that I will not be able to live without you in upcoming years.


15 MAR AT 22:11

This heavy heart, this anxiety,
Lies, my act of dubiety,
And this series of sleepiness nights!!
Oh God! They are killing me....
....and I am not dying.


15 MAR AT 22:04

They rived her skin to drink her blood,
Intense, red eyes scanned her throughout,
Thirsty they, she was full of juice,
Vicious, sharp moves, tailing her bout,
Scratching her deep, laughing like hyenas,
Bought jungle on the road, what a hustle, no doubt!
Girl who could had been a great person was killed in a struggling rout,
...the semi nude men had problem with her short sleeve, this, it was all about!


12 MAR AT 9:55

मेरे जागने तक जा चुके थे तुम, कभी न लौटने के लिए।

पर कुछ छोड़ गए थे,
चद्दर की सिलवटों पर अपने होने का एहसास
मेरे आंखों में अपनी परछाई
कमरे में इश्क़ की खुशबू
उम्मीद देता ये आधा खुला दरवाज़ा,

ये गिरती बूंदें चेहरे को छूकर जैसे कुछ सुना रही हो,
बता तो दे ज़रा ऐ मौसम,
ये बारिश उसके स्वागत की है,
या कभी न लौटने का इरादा ?


13 NOV 2020 AT 23:24

From writing in a diary and trying hard to hide it, to writing on public domains, we grew up so fast!


13 NOV 2020 AT 0:31

मेरी उंगलियां थाम बस चलती रही वो, मेरे इशारो पर, मेरे रास्तो पर।
सुख , दुख के साथी बन, सफर लंबा तय कर लिया हमने।
मेरी सिसकिया समझकर उसे आकार देती थी वो,
मेरे एहसास को जान दिया है उसने,
कौन कहता है कलम दोस्त नही हो सकती?


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