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Sahil Kedia 5 DEC AT 20:26

I soak my words in the fluids of my heart,
Nectar and poison spread in its path.
They leave my mind, and blot the page,
With tears brewed into luscious beverage.

I live in a world, so lonely,
Following the foot prints, of someone called 'Ecstasy'.
I draw the lines, the silhoutte to my scars,
And paintings that depict martyrs of the wars.

I am a life, and God has made me,
I am unique and that's the reason for my glee.
I embrace all, doesn't matter wheter he hates or loves me,
I am laughter, I am sorrow, I am everything you want me to be.


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Sahil Kedia 21 NOV AT 21:21


He stood there, (nonchalant and silent)
By the wall, overcoming his fears- dark and violent.
His memories glimmering upon his eyes,
His life now at the mercy of a dice.

Rugged with the whips of time,
He was his own star- alone in sky to whine.
The whims and fancies of his father,
Are now the reason for his son's slaughter.

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Sahil Kedia 20 NOV AT 8:54

I was a stranger to the world, a lonely boy,
But I found my universe when I looked in your eyes.
My breathing paced, a new road paved,
Your smile on my heart engraved.

I was too shy, never dared to say a hi,
Until it was time for saying goodbye.
Now, I tell you this story of two secluded souls,
Both walking different paths to reach the same goal.

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Sahil Kedia 10 OCT AT 16:10


Chills ran down my sleek spine,
And my senses had limited time,
Even though I was on cloud nine,
There was something which told me, "I am not mine".

A few cold drops, sweating on my warm body,
I felt my existence was not more than that of nobody.
My lifeforce dwindled as the world swayed
Looking at my pale body, now dead.

Emptiness, a vast stretch of void,
And no one else could have felt more paranoid.
Ever more stoic seemed my death,
Since I was happy that God withdrew my breath.


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Sahil Kedia 28 SEP AT 16:28

The light of darkness:

When I see the stars,
Light seems so far,
The world is in, chaos and war,
Skin is marked with, bruises and scars.

The black hole engulfs the light,
Yet its sillhouette is white,
The world is rippled with fright,
But Moon shines even in night.

People are scared of death,
But it's the gift for which I await,
I will fight till my last breath,
Light repels darkness but unfaith.


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Sahil Kedia 26 SEP AT 21:13


Have you ever dreamt whether your life is a dream,
Like a rusted memory streaked with seams,
Washed with your innocence,
To make it crystal clean.

Have you ever dreamt to live in your dream,
Like a barren moon, with slight sheen,
That turns your intangible past,
Sad and silent, into reason for your grin.

Have you ever wanted endless nights of solitude,
To never wake up from that dream,
To die in a dream is better
Than to live in it; it Seems.


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Sahil Kedia 26 SEP AT 20:47

I sank into the ocean of thoughts,
Drop by drop,
I was going down,
To feel how it feels to be drowned.

I choked on my own past making me
Heavier, all the more heavier,
But my life did not end here,
My soul was transcending to a new world.

Golden dust flickered around me,
I opened my eyes, deep and wide eyes,
They had an Ocean of its own,
And my loneliness never left me alone...


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Sahil Kedia 5 SEP AT 16:12

I have lived a journey from,
Being ecstatic on teacher's absence,
To crying, for cherishing my teachers presence.


Sahil Kedia 15 AUG AT 12:56

Dear love,

Like an embodiment of smile,
You came into my life.
Stacking happiness in pile,
Your precious presence permeates my life.

The time spend with you is indescribable.
Our small jokes, we both laugh at,
Is symbolic of our flames of love-inextinguishable.
You make me happy even while we chat.

Rakhi is not only about love between brother and sister,
It is neither just a festival of thread.
Rakhi is the blessing of God,
An oath to prevent any tears our sisters shed.

#happy raksha bandhan


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Sahil Kedia 6 AUG AT 18:51

Truth is always unveiled, when love ignites,
Through the conversations, we have in mid-nights.
Love is always cloaked with a thin layer of gaiety,
It is not found in core of lust, but of amity.
Even, if I say no, even if my words deny my sentiments,
My love will somehow entangle with the heart of my friends.


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