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Sahil Kedia 15 AUG AT 12:56

Dear love,

Like an embodiment of smile,
You came into my life.
Stacking happiness in pile,
Your precious presence permeates my life.

The time spend with you is indescribable.
Our small jokes, we both laugh at,
Is symbolic of our flames of love-inextinguishable.
You make me happy even while we chat.

Rakhi is not only about love between brother and sister,
It is neither just a festival of thread.
Rakhi is the blessing of God,
An oath to prevent any tears our sisters shed.

#happy raksha bandhan


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Sahil Kedia 6 AUG AT 18:51

Truth is always unveiled, when love ignites,
Through the conversations, we have in mid-nights.
Love is always cloaked with a thin layer of gaiety,
It is not found in core of lust, but of amity.
Even, if I say no, even if my words deny my sentiments,
My love will somehow entangle with the heart of my friends.


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Sahil Kedia 6 AUG AT 18:39

That fairy tale turned to a lucid dream,
Where I was the king and she, the queen.
We built a castle in the wonderland,
And made the life beautiful with our own hand,
We knew we would awake in the chaotic world,
And we left the fantasy with dreams untold.


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Sahil Kedia 4 AUG AT 16:37

Friendship is like a muddy road,
With puddles and pools filled with friends like toad.
They all share the sorrow(mud) of each other,
And glorify the sweet scent of mother nature.

I just hope my friends don't fall in lust's nest,
F.orever R.ightful I.n E.verything -
My friend is just the best!!


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Sahil Kedia 31 JUL AT 8:50

In this world where everyone was busy,
Admiring their fake appreciation,
I appreciated recieving a
Genuine criticism.


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Sahil Kedia 30 JUL AT 20:41

Heart painter:

The day was ecliptic, shadows mourning loud,
The moon was being painted behind the curtain of cloud.
Inspired by the ecstatic northern light,
He decided to paint a heart every night.

He poured out tears to liquefy his condensed blood,
Different in hues, mixed with pain, dirt and mud.
He painted with fire, hearts that were extinguished,
He painted those white, that seemed to be tarnished.

His masterpiece was his own heart, painted before he died,
Which was rainbow-tinted due to the emotions with which it was died.
He knew his work was in dire need of a blender,
Throughout his life, his heart was the actual heart painter!


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Sahil Kedia 22 JUL AT 18:26

Crushed under hate,
Exuding love in the sky!


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Sahil Kedia 10 JUL AT 18:47

Last day:

Woke up, clothed myself in school uniform,
With happy face, I entered the gate,
I never knew when I will exit it again,
My heart would be bleeding and torn.

Those 'Masi's' and 'Kaku's' ,
Those teachers with an aura of love,
The happiness in their scolding,
Those were unforgettable things!

That wide ground with stones we picked as a punishment,
Punishment did I say, for us it was a way of enjoyment!
Father, sister, and motherly love, all in one place.

I was watching myself in those uniform for the last time,
My eyes were unable to inhibit tears at the time.
We were crying like mad, like we were newborn child
and our heads, beneath the blessings of mortal Gods.

We all had pens in hand, scribbling our memories,
Like a child painting with crayons.
We were wearing monochrome shirts.

But the verdant hue that was left behind,
Spoke about our friendship more than any mouth could speak.
(*Looks at school for the last time, smile on face*)


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Sahil Kedia 9 JUL AT 20:35

It was a road decorated with maple trees on sides.
On one end, a girl was standing, Rose in hand;
On another, a boy was lying, on mud-scented land!
Maple leaves were falling, like time that glides.

What a contrast was there in her blush and chrome of leaves,
One like a fantasy and other a pile of withered dreams,
Her hands were trembling with fear of losing her virgin love,
She thought a rejection was enough to change into a crow from dove.

The boy now awoke from his deep sleep,
He saw his shoulders in her pink hands grip!
His eyes fell on the gleaming Rose, unnoticing the words of girl,
He then rose from ground with gaping eyes to see mysteries unfurl.

Rose was transferred from soft to rugged skin,
An aura of purity and calmness, was all left to glean.
Silence, was the question when breath parted her lips,
Silence, was the answer when breath parted his lips.


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Sahil Kedia 6 JUL AT 19:20

I was lying on my bed,
My nose was bleeding red,
An ominous feeling crept my head,
And tears seemed to shed!

There was a letter in my hand,
Scribbled Words were getting blown away like sand.
For visiting the past, I wished a magic wand,
To nourish the forest which was now a barren land!

The forest of love, where relations grew,
And saplings tendered with leaves exuding holy dew,
Out of all plants, I cared for few,
That led the old ones to wither, unable to renew.

The words of letter again banged my nostalgic mind,
I found some of those quite gentle and kind,
It led to to a place, where an old tree could be find,
Nourished by my forbidden tears, It renewed with my love entwined!


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