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22 AUG AT 23:12

Stop running from your shadow,
All that you’ve disowned,
Shame, guilt, self hatred,
Are waiting to be owned.
Masking your emotions, trying to escape
Is like covering an open wound with masking tape.
The more you shine light, on all those painful parts,
Transformation takes place and real healing starts.
No longer are you enemies, together you shall fight,
Your shadow is your friend here to teach you dark and light.


31 JUL AT 15:54

Is it really the clock?
Whispering, tick tock
A living nightmare is about to start—
Creating damages, shattering heart.

Do you hear the murmur?
Singing you a disguised lullaby,
Wanting you to try and be devious;
Waiting for you to annihilate!

Lingering darkness; an abyss,
Starts to attack your kindness
Triggers you to play with death,
They're all under your bed!

If you fight the weaponless,
you're a warrior; you've escaped your demons.
But if you really want to be gone,
You'll be buried six feet under, together with the devils.


8 APR AT 22:41

Goofed up smiles and laughs,
My serenity and calmness

You are the constant in my days, weeks,
Months and years, heart and memory.

You are the one whom I look up to,
Feeling motivated and inspiring.

You are the one who is someone's reality.
Whilst being someone’s perfect dream.


6 APR AT 0:01

The sun is shining brighter,
So relax just a wee bit
and exhale the prevailing pressure.

Enjoy a deep and delightful breath
try to take it all in,
Those who survived are increasing
That’s a surge we want to see
another step closer to thriving.


4 APR AT 21:49

As your reasons escaped
Who’s to blame?
Maybe it's not you or me
Capricious is destiny
Maybe it wasn’t meant to be!
Touching the ground
Where I walked away from you
Still carrying echoes of words
Saying words we don’t mean
Where the darkness is casting doubts
Leaving you on bended knee.


3 APR AT 23:03

I stare out at the waves
The sand and salt transcends me
Away from life and its baffling games
Lowering thunder spreads the shell askew

Edging the beach, while water slurs
Into salty rainbows of coarse lace
And cloud-foam falls over hill, blurs
As the sea storm passes through the peak.


2 APR AT 22:49

To the tickets never booked,
And the bags that remain unpacked.
To the memories we did not frame,
Those favourite spots that are unclaimed.

Here’s an ode to the holiday we never got
And the relationship that never grew.
Come along unrequited love,
A lifetime of regrets awaits you.


17 MAR AT 22:51

What’s Free Flight? A thrill, a challenge, a puzzle.

It's other folks like you, the world around, striving for the same graceful beauty of flight.

It’s comradeship across all human barriers. It’s bull sessions through the wee hours.

It’s fierce competition … with the highest of sportsmanship.

It’s a battle against nature … her perversity … her law of gravity.

It’s skill in your fingers. It’s knowledge learned for the knowledge alone.

It’s perfection sought … never attainable. A goal everlasting.

Free Flight is all of these, yet much more!


23 FEB AT 23:47

A sleazy dream of being curled up
In your arms with our fingers
Intertwined and your breath
On my neck can never
Be described, however,I can tell you
That I felt belonged at that instant


22 FEB AT 23:46

A misfit, outta place weirdo

Who just like her would attract

Not just attention but also

A whole lotta care and yearning


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