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Joined 15 May 2019

A Hush more musical by far
Than any Earthly Rhythms are
Your Silence is a Prayer profound
Communing without Uttered Sound



I hope this letter finds you well. Your words always strike a chord deep within me. You told me of wonders, infinite and grand, The rarity of life, on which we stand. It's a truth that I've come to understand more with each passing year.

In your wisdom, you've taught me that love is an emotional drink, a powerful elixir that nourishes the heart and mind. It's the very essence that binds not only families but the entire human race together, a bond that strengthens with each passing day. Your love, dad, is a wellspring of comfort and guidance, a beacon in times of darkness.



ever-surging, e'er sighing,
Heaving heart, undulating waves,
Fathomless feelings flowing freely
In saline swells and watery zest.

That aqueous ardor, alluring and luring,
With sibilant surf and susurrant seas,
Its passionate pull and tempestuous tides
Enticing the heart, never appeased.

Love's briny brine, that fluid sublime,
An undulating emotive expanse.
In ripples and waves, In depths and in graves,
Hearts sink in its fathomless dance.


14 JUN AT 19:58

I write to you with the utmost admiration. Your infinite hues, illuminated by newborn light, speak volumes of truth. Vision is a notebook, capturing the essence of the soul, where sorrows submerge and sieves survive, upon which the world inscribes its beauty and wonder. Through you, I perceive the intricate details of life's grand design, each page filled with revelations that stir my very soul.


14 JUN AT 14:12

Mosaic strange - of Joy and
Grief and Awe - A patchwork
'tis, of Love and Change,
That Time doth rearrange.

Each shard reflects a
Moment's hue,
Some bright, and some in
shade - The tessellated
Feelings true In patterns fair arrayed.

What picture shall this Quilt reveal
When all the Pieces meet?
A Portrait of the Joys I feel,
Or my Soul's sore Defeat?

'Tis both, I ween - this Heart
of mine, A Mosaic of Life -
Where Darkness mingles with
Sunshine, And Peace is found
in Strife


14 JUN AT 11:14

Azure skies, once resplendent, now ashen and bleak,
Gossamer dreams, like wisps, dissipate and seek
Solace in the crepuscular canvas, a somber sight,
Melancholic hues, a chiaroscuro of plight.
Cerulean hopes, now tinged with cinereous strife,
An ethereal dance, where joy and sorrow are rife.

Zaffre heavens, veiled by cumulus shrouds,
Cobalt visions, obscured by nebulous clouds,
Indigo dreams, tainted by leaden streams,
Sapphire reveries, a poignant lament.
Periwinkle musings,entangled in the mind's labyrinth,
Turquoise reflections, a haunting hyacinth.


13 JUN AT 16:56

"Wisdom, that elusive and sought-after virtue, stands at the crossroads of life, a four-way road, an intersection which beckons us to embark upon its meandering trails, where knowledge, experience, intuition, and empathy converge in a symphony of enlightenment. It is through the navigation of these paths that we uncover the true essence of our being, the guiding light that illuminates our journey through the labyrinthine corridors of existence."


12 JUN AT 16:57

In each shattered piece,
Beauty's capricious display-
Gentle heart's chords play.
Delight in harmonious notes
Cures sorrow's aching throes.

Love's sweet serenade
Echoes through the soul's arcade,
Mending broken dreams.
In Beauty's warm embrace, we
Find solace, eternally.


11 JUN AT 20:20

In the playlist of lives,
as one symphony fades,
a new composition starts,
another soul's journey,
with its own tunes and lyrics.


11 JUN AT 20:15

a soulful serenade,
Mellifluously meandering
through mirth
and melancholy,
A euphonious elegy,
an ode to evanescence,
Resounding with rhythmic
a rhapsodic odyssey.

Harmonious heartstrings hum,
a haunting hymn,
Echoing through ethereal eons,
an eternal anthem,
Lyrical laments and
a labyrinthine lullaby,
A symphony of solace,
a sonorous psalmody.


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