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An IT consultant by profession and a Writer by passion
Joined 2 April 2019

An IT consultant by profession and a Writer by passion
Joined 2 April 2019
11 OCT AT 19:51

Be good if you want to leave this world early.


21 AUG AT 17:26

ये वक़्त चलता रहा,
वो आये और चले गए, फिर आये फिर चले जायेंगे,
हम वही थे और वही है,
वक़्त के भाती सनातन ये ज़िन्दगी बढ़ती चली जा रही है,
उम्र के भाती ये ज़िम्मेदारिया बढ़ती चली जा रही है,
पर हम वही थे और वही है।


21 AUG AT 10:25

In between the dearest and saddest part of your life,
You must have been through this age of life.
Where your thoughts are your villan and not your mobile,
The only best way to survive is to be as must as agile.
In the midst of thoughts, you may lose your aim,
This is how the age of transformation wants to play this game.
Winning against a pawn shouldn't be term as a victory,
It takes years to achieve which is proven in history.
To conquer it, you should think of your aim again and again,
Unless the hard time passes and you dance in the rain.


20 AUG AT 13:48

Success is in the process, not in the result.


19 AUG AT 17:16

क्यों सोचता है तू संघर्षो के उपरांत,
अब तो ज़िन्दगी भी कह रही है कि चल हसले।


19 AUG AT 17:04

What you get in the process is far fruitful than what you get with the result


18 APR AT 12:37

Your life is a tool for the change. Do not rust it, rather utilize for the expedition of the process of ending this Yuga.


19 MAR AT 0:00

Sometimes the efforts doesn't matter, but the luck does!


15 MAR AT 23:08

Life is a seasonal tree with lemon available in any weather.


14 FEB AT 15:47

After reading the book - IKIGAI,
I realized that the secret of longevity is not -
just being happy
or just be a 5AM club member
or just be pure vegetarian
or just have a good sleep daily
or just keep your mind busy,

It is what you believe. Just like the medicine is nothing but a psychological catalyst to make you healthy, above factors are the catalyst to make you live long.


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