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Coffee. Books. Peace. Breaks.
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Coffee. Books. Peace. Breaks.
Joined 27 November 2017
Riya Chaudhary 3 MAY AT 18:56

Beware of your actions.
This heart does things,
mind knows nothing about.


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Riya Chaudhary 1 APR AT 21:19

I'll capture us.

For, all our moments and
the blush that flushes
across your cheeks when
I look at you, to
seize right then.

And those freezed moments
will always be there
when you aren't.


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Riya Chaudhary 22 MAR AT 2:56

The moment which just went away;
Held my finger and took me to you,again.

Hold on babe, I'm gradually weaning off.


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Riya Chaudhary 21 MAR AT 15:46

It's not the season of love that switches.
But the person enjoying its rain.


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Riya Chaudhary 13 MAR AT 23:21

8 billion humans in the world.
Yet we crumble ourselves
at the opinion of few.


Believe no one but you. yourself.

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Riya Chaudhary 11 MAR AT 4:50

I'm too fragile to be touched.
Either you hold me tight
So tight,that i wouldn't break
Or just stay away.


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Riya Chaudhary 11 MAR AT 4:41

I've been searching this for so long.
How do you forgive yourself
for being someone you're not?


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Riya Chaudhary 10 MAR AT 12:30

Some people squeeze
the colors out of you
and still expect you
to not stop loving
all their colors.


Happy holiii to y'll♡🌸

#yqbaba #riya_nefe

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Riya Chaudhary 3 FEB AT 18:23

Isn't it unfair that for sleeping
you have to pretend like
you already are,
but dude, i have been
pretending to be happy
for like so long.


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Riya Chaudhary 30 JAN AT 18:33

Some people think they aren't
allowed to be sad in front of people
because they themselves are
bundle of laughs.

I'm some people.


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