Ritu Tripathi (Ritu Tripathi *चिराग़*)

Ritu Tripathi YESTERDAY AT 7:53

यूं बे-बाक निगाहों से उसका इज़हार-ए- मोहब्बत करना,
हमें ता-उम्र उनके नशे का कायल बना गया...


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Ritu Tripathi 7 FEB AT 13:26

May be he is not the most handsome man on the Earth but still he is my Prince Charming.
May be he doesn't earn in Millions but he fulfills all of my Desires.
May be he doesn't have looks like a Superstar but he is my Rajnikanth.
May be he seems others to be Wrong but he chooses Right for me.
May be he doesn't show his Love for me but he loves me from the Depths of his heart.
And for Me...
He is my Hero.
He is my Superstar.
He is my World.
He is my Love.
Yes... He is my Universe.
Yes... He is my Father.


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Ritu Tripathi 6 FEB AT 15:32

उन्होंने ख़ैरात समझ कर दिया हमें अपना बेशकीमती वक़्त,
हमनें भी उसे अपना खज़ाना सोच, ख़ुद को बादशाह समझ लिया...


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Ritu Tripathi 6 FEB AT 12:58

बड़ा ताज़्जुब हुआ उसे मुझको यूं ख़ुशहाल देख के...
वजह भी वही था और उसको पता भी नहीं था...


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Ritu Tripathi 5 FEB AT 13:34

We brought her from the place where she was living her life almost peacefully not dramatically.
Where her mistakes were corrected not criticized.
Where her loud voice was considered as a cheerful girl not an ill-mannered girl.
Where her freedom was kept on priorities not at the stake.
Yes, we brought her from the place where her character was not judged according to her attire.
And what the hell we made her ?
We made her our “Bahu” instead making her our “Daughter for Life".


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Ritu Tripathi 5 FEB AT 2:57

इत्तेफ़ाक है या है मासूमियत इस दिल की...
चाह कर भी ये तुझे तेरी असलियत नहीं दिखा पाता...


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Ritu Tripathi 4 FEB AT 15:01

तेरे ही ख़यालों में डूबा हूं साकी...
जो तू आ जाए तो मैं मुकम्मल हूं...


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Ritu Tripathi 31 JAN AT 8:05

In the world full of fake promises.
I want you to be my LIC.
Zindagi ke sath bhi ; Zindgi ke baad bhi.


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Ritu Tripathi 30 JAN AT 20:26

Not everyday is meant for cracking jokes on someone.
May be you achieved something and had a wonderful day.
But think, someone might have been gone through the worst day at his work.
So, before making a lame joke of his situation,
Please have some humanity and let the person take his time to build up himself again.


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Ritu Tripathi 30 JAN AT 20:12

Yeah! She was a headache from last few days for me.
Whenever I wanted to sit alone and spend some quality time with my family,
She always rang me up for such silly questions.
How was your day ?
Did you enjoy your trip?
What did you take for you lunch today ? And so on.
So I decided to stay away from her to maintain the peace of my life.
Quite forgetting that my ignorance will hurt her so badly that she'll become a person who has changed herself into the way I always wanted.
But then I realized that she is no more the same girl whom I have loved for what she was.


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