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Lost soul..
Joined 22 October 2016

Lost soul..
Joined 22 October 2016
10 NOV 2020 AT 2:16

Why you can not be independent?
When you can fall in love on your own
You can fall out as well..


8 NOV 2020 AT 21:10

The best part of falling is not the falling itself
But the landing
The soft pile of snow
Which smell like roses and honey
And a dash of uncertainty


4 NOV 2020 AT 12:06

It was hard,
Then it was easy..
Just a cut , game over
It was on repeat
I failed and failed Then I succeed...

Now I regret
Living in my own hell
Watching my love one
Crying then moving on... But
Nothing matters in the end. I killed myself again and again...
And again.. and again...
Everyday .. repeatedly Till eternity...


3 NOV 2020 AT 16:50

Love is like a sponge chocolate cake
Juicy, sweet, soft, tempting..
It melts away in you; in no time
And then the next day arrives...

You got the hint.. right?


29 OCT 2020 AT 14:43


A notch on the cheek
A kiss from the lips
A laugh so soft
A clear smile of eyes.

A cut deep inside
A night full of cry
A wet pillow who talks
A way never to find..


24 OCT 2020 AT 12:02

How did I lost my smile
while finding yours..?


29 SEP 2020 AT 23:01

Each time when I talk to myself
I feel amaze.
I still don't know myself well..


24 JUL 2020 AT 2:03

and here I am sitting
in front of the moon,

lying yet again,
to one more face..


23 JUL 2020 AT 1:39

Likha tha na'am uska kisi kagaz ke pane pe
Kisine patang bana ke hawa mei lehra dia.
Kisiki mohabbat kisike agan mei ja ghiri,
Kisiki tamana, kisi aur ke sahil se ja mili...


8 JUL 2020 AT 23:21

I fell in love with a girl
whose eyes are universe.
while her hugs are eternity..


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