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Lost soul..
Joined 22 October 2016

Lost soul..
Joined 22 October 2016
Rashida Vali 24 JUL AT 2:03

and here I am sitting
in front of the moon,

lying yet again,
to one more face..


Rashida Vali 23 JUL AT 1:39

Likha tha na'am uska kisi kagaz ke pane pe
Kisine patang bana ke hawa mei lehra dia.
Kisiki mohabbat kisike agan mei ja ghiri,
Kisiki tamana, kisi aur ke sahil se ja mili...


Rashida Vali 8 JUL AT 23:21

I fell in love with a girl
whose eyes are universe.
while her hugs are eternity..


Rashida Vali 7 JUL AT 17:23

My stargazer

Like a stargazer
You look at my lips
Licking them in your
Thinking about touching them
kissing them
Or eating them
whichever you desire.
Will it be warm?
Like a velvet
Or a petal skin?

(Read caption for full poem)


Rashida Vali 7 JUL AT 1:09

Be like a flower
Even if you fall
People should stop
And admire the beauty
You have created
On the ground.


Rashida Vali 6 JUL AT 23:40

Today I realise
I needed the year 2020.
I needed this lockdown
and confine of my house.
I needed to know
how much I need my own self.
that how much I crave;
my own existence
I saw myself from
my own eyes, clearing
all the flaws and inspiration
the lost soul and its hunger
the sleeping artist, and a lover.
That desire to be a human...
to realise how much I needed
this year 2020.


Rashida Vali 23 JUN AT 16:39

Majoboori bhi zindagi mein aie hai kaisi
ke dil ko haal-e-dil suna nahi saktey.


Rashida Vali 7 JUN AT 14:36

Eh qayamat aab dhaal bhi ja
Zindagi badi dushwar horahi hai..


Rashida Vali 27 MAY AT 3:07


When it's rain
Some see the rainbow,
Some feels the thunder.


Rashida Vali 24 MAY AT 22:10

Nothing can be more miserable
than painting your misery
on a canvas,
and selling it with a
smiling face..


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