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Lost soul..
Joined 22 October 2016

Lost soul..
Joined 22 October 2016
4 NOV 2016 AT 13:45

Kehna tha tumse ke pyaar bohaat hai,
Yeh Dil tumhare lie bekarar Bohaat hai,
Na Jane kyun na ker sake tumse Izhar - Wafa,
Mohabbat tou kal bhi thi, aaj bhi Bohaat hai...


29 OCT 2021 AT 22:41

Usne poucha, ke yeh mohabbat kya hai?

Meine muskurate hoie kaha ke ' ek mukhtasar sa qisa hai, aur ek ajeeb si baat hai'

Khuda jane us paal ne, mukhtasar se qise mei; ajeeb si baat kab ker di..


22 JUL 2021 AT 15:23

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8 MAR 2021 AT 16:49

How often did you stand for yourself this month? She asked

I am trying hard. She replied to her reflection.


10 NOV 2020 AT 2:16

Why you can not be independent?
When you can fall in love on your own
You can fall out as well..


8 NOV 2020 AT 21:10

The best part of falling is not the falling itself
But the landing
The soft pile of snow
Which smell like roses and honey
And a dash of uncertainty


4 NOV 2020 AT 12:06

It was hard,
Then it was easy..
Just a cut , game over
It was on repeat
I failed and failed Then I succeed...

Now I regret
Living in my own hell
Watching my love one
Crying then moving on... But
Nothing matters in the end. I killed myself again and again...
And again.. and again...
Everyday .. repeatedly Till eternity...


3 NOV 2020 AT 16:50

Love is like a sponge chocolate cake
Juicy, sweet, soft, tempting..
It melts away in you; in no time
And then the next day arrives...

You got the hint.. right?


29 OCT 2020 AT 14:43


A notch on the cheek
A kiss from the lips
A laugh so soft
A clear smile of eyes.

A cut deep inside
A night full of cry
A wet pillow who talks
A way never to find..


24 OCT 2020 AT 12:02

How did I lost my smile
while finding yours..?


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