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Joined 3 February 2019
Rajendra 2 DEC AT 11:20

" If She is Alone "

It's not your Apportunity
it's your Responsiblity.

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Rajendra 27 NOV AT 14:38

When I look at you I get lost in your eyes.
I just want to believe that,
those eyes were meant for me and me alone.
because it captures my heart
and goes way down, deep into my soul.
I feel captivated,
that I don’t want to close my eyes for a minutes,
I look forward to waking up every morning
just to look at those beautiful eyes ♥


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Rajendra 25 NOV AT 18:07

I love you..?
I love you means, I love the way you are,
And I never wish to change you into a different person.
I will be with you, I will stand beside you in all your ups and downs,
making you feel comfort, and giving you the hope of happiness.
I love you in all the moods, even when you are angry, or in bad moods,
or in the most joyful or in the most depressed mood of yours.
I love you even you are broken and feeling extremely low,
I promise i will hold ur hand, by looking into your eyes,
I will transfer the positive vibes In me to fix ur situations.
I love & care enough to fight against any obstactle
bothering you and I love you enough,not to let it go.
I love you means knowing your all deepest secrets,
and never judging you based on your past.
I love you means, I understand you,
I care you, I respect you, I adore you.
Thinking of you, dreaming of you,
With a constant feel of love ❤


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Rajendra 21 NOV AT 12:03

The problem with few of us is,
We cry inside and
Never let anyone to know,
We lose overself sometime,
But we never point at someone
People may cheat us,
Betray us, ignore us,
These are the part of life,
We understand & accept.
But we never hurt anyone back

We don't tell people that,
We are hurt
We will wait for them to
realize their mistake❤


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Rajendra 16 NOV AT 10:59

I will fall in love with ❤

People's thoughts,
And their passion.
The way their eyes lights up,
When they talk hopelessly,
about the things they love.
And the way they
Fill happiness in each moment❤

When the conversation,
starts with soul & ends in eyes,
Its a pure bliss. ❤

Love unconditionally,
live passionately,
laugh hopelessly❤


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Rajendra 15 NOV AT 19:37

Be with someone
Who want to undress your conscience,
And make love to your thoughts ❤


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Rajendra 11 NOV AT 12:56

The one who makes me feel,
The way music does ❤


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Rajendra 7 NOV AT 13:44

It doesn't matter
Where I am? And what I am?

You may call me crazy..!
But i love to see people,
Being so happy
And getting succeed 💞

For me life is beautiful journey
Not a competition ❤


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Rajendra 6 NOV AT 18:06

Sometimes when I remember you,
I feel I’m gazing at a distant star
In a dark sky all over.
It’s dazzling, but the,
Light is sparkling in my soul ❤

Love is like a flower bud
It starts as just a small plant, but
later blossomed into an amazing flower
Just in the connection of soul
a beautiful love will be bloomed ❤

You are much beautiful than,
Sunset of the sea shore.
You are more stunning than,
the thunder storm in rainy season.
You are more alluring than,
any song that I have ever listened to.

I had not seen what the real meaning of beauty,
So, find me soon❤


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Rajendra 5 NOV AT 13:54

If Love never existed,
In this whole universe,
there would have never been
any heartbreak, failure,
Depression and sad stories..!
How would we have
Known the Magic of life then?


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