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Psycho Scribbler 7 SEP AT 22:35

माना दूर हूं ,
पर साथ हूं ।।


Psycho Scribbler 2 SEP AT 17:49

Dear not_so_beloved ,

CC : All people i hallucinate about

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Psycho Scribbler 26 AUG AT 1:20

Let me collide my lip on yours
Let me swallow the breath inside you
Let me dip my tongue in the lust of you soul
Let me taste the water present in your saliva
Let me leave some marks on you with my teeth
Let me lick your wet tongue
Let me water our mouths more
Let me drool and spit the warmth of desire inside you
Let me gag and puke my darkest fantasies
Let our two mouths become one exploring every depth inside
Let this beeatheless kiss become like it's my last one tonight


Psycho Scribbler 26 AUG AT 1:14

लोग इतने बुरे कहा , जितना हम मानते है
जंग है ये आपसी , कोई अपना कोई पराया है


Psycho Scribbler 26 AUG AT 1:08

As you pulled me for that kiss
I tasted my own lust, feeling it on your tongue


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Psycho Scribbler 24 AUG AT 17:22

मुझको मुझसे , मै कैसे बचाऊ
रूठा खुद से, मै खुदको केसे मनाऊ


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Psycho Scribbler 14 AUG AT 1:29

कब तक तेरी मौजूदगी की प्यास पुरानी यादों से बुजाऊ
आजा मेरे पास, एक नई याद बनानी है तेरे साथ


Psycho Scribbler 9 AUG AT 22:19

खोए हुए है सब , सच नह पता किसीको ।
भटके हुए खुद , भटकाते ये औरो को ।।


Psycho Scribbler 9 AUG AT 22:11

बस हुआ कापना ,
थोड़ा सुकून चाहता हूं |

शरीर छोड़ ,
अब आज़ाद होना चाहता हूं ||


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Psycho Scribbler 6 AUG AT 0:18

He : ofcourse, because all that shines are "broken" chunks of light.
I will taste your soul and smell the lust present in you.
Licking those cold blooded vein of past experiences , i will grab your present and chew out the fake hype created by the future.
Feeling the warmth of your body , i will get inside you and make a place to reside until your moans mixed with pieces of love evaporate my existence to death



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