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Joined 27 June 2017
Priya Aiyar🌸 15 AUG AT 15:36

It isn't that I consider people who're very popular in family and friends circle to be someone better, it's just that they might be clever enough to selectively know whom to please and whom to ignore...


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Priya Aiyar🌸 15 AUG AT 14:35

No more 'POTUS'
It's only 'LOTUS'


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Priya Aiyar🌸 30 MAY AT 17:16

Who you're will remain the same
What you're will surely change


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Priya Aiyar🌸 30 MAY AT 12:21

Looking at the tip of the iceberg,
they thought it didn't pose a threat...
But the mighty ship sank, that
they thought was unsinkable...


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Priya Aiyar🌸 9 MAY AT 10:46

I was waiting for this day to post a special birthday testimonial to Hema aunty.
A vibrant, positive personality that she is, she's been my constant support and comfort through thick and thin.
Her writings bring home rich life experiences seasoned with profound wisdom that are deeply penetrating and lucidly presented.
I wish her a great success in her journey of writing and all that she may wish to accomplish.


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Priya Aiyar🌸 29 APR AT 12:37

A right that secures all your rights
Please exercise your franchise...


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Priya Aiyar🌸 22 APR AT 15:36

जिन हाथों ने प्यार से खिलाया
प्यार का अमृत था चखाया
उन्ही हाथों का तमाचा भी खाया
जो कंठ में विष बनकर उतरा
दिल में दर्द बनकर समाया
तो सम को भी विषम कर डाला
दर्द का प्रवाह जब ज़हन में हुआ
अंधेरे के सिवाय कुछ नज़र न आया
आगे का रस्ता मानो धुंधला गया
पर वक्त अपनी रफ्तार से चलता गया
अब समय आगे निकल गया
हमें वहीं का वहीं छोड़ गया
Inspirational pen🖋


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Priya Aiyar🌸 11 APR AT 23:17

Hindi shayari

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Priya Aiyar🌸 7 APR AT 21:38

when people chant 'Modi...Modi' incessantly at RaGa's rally 😂😂😂


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Priya Aiyar🌸 27 MAR AT 20:15

मौसम सा बदलता मन है तेरा
दिल-ए-नादान ने उम्मीद फिर भी कायम रखा


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