Pritish Pragya

अल्फ़ाज़ नहीं , मैं जज़्बात लिखता हूं

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Pritish Pragya 16 FEB AT 12:51

किसी गजरे की खुशबु को महकता छोड़ आया हूँ,
मेरी नन्ही सी चिड़िया को चहकता छोड़ आया हूँ,
किसी बेहेन का तौफा अधूरा छोड़ आया हूं,
किसी दोस्त से मिलने का वादा तोड़ आया हूं,

मुझे छाती से अपनी तू लगा लेना ऐ भारत माँ,
मैं अपनी माँ की बाहों को तरसता छोड़ आया हूँ।

- तुम्हारा फौजी


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Pritish Pragya 9 FEB AT 3:37

It's okay to hurt people around you, if it can make yourself happy.
It sounds bit selfish but you can't just always make people happy
Sometimes life doesn't take the mould we wanted it to be..
Sometimes things appear to be more complete when they are not completed.


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Pritish Pragya 7 FEB AT 18:21

Actually some people fall for someone so damn hard

You trust that person more than any person in your life.
You trust that person with every secret With tears in your eyes,You share dark secrets from your past.

And then When you get your heart broken, no amount of alcohol or talking about it, or anything else can make you feel better.

It's not because you made someone everything who you knew only for some months, it's because you never wanted to be ALONE but yet you are..


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Pritish Pragya 1 FEB AT 12:16

Yes ,I've your memories with me but trust me they don't make me sad anymore..


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Pritish Pragya 29 JAN AT 19:40

लोग अक्सर पूछते है की प्यार और दोस्ती में क्या फर्क है?
मैं बस एक ही जवाब देता हूं की दोस्ती प्यार बन सकती है पर प्यार दोस्ती नहीं..


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Pritish Pragya 27 JAN AT 21:01

हजारो जवाब सोच रखे थे मेरे दिल ने ,
काश ! तुम मेरी ख़ामोशी की वज़ह पूछ लेते..


Pritish Pragya 25 JAN AT 19:04

हजारों से बात बिगड़ी थी जब तुमको अपनाया था...
लेकिन तुम भी वही निकले जो लोगो ने बताया था


Pritish Pragya 21 JAN AT 13:58

Stop forcing people on you. Sometimes life is lonely. Accept it. Those nights you sit, riddled with anxiety, those nights you feel hopeless.
Try not to let them get to you.
Sometimes it’s hard to be alone. Just remember, you always wake up feeling better the next day.
Remember that


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Pritish Pragya 18 JAN AT 1:49

When you are looting your flare drop and suddenly enemies started firing at you


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Pritish Pragya 14 JAN AT 23:43

Yes,There’s always a replacement.
Even, a long-term relationship can end.
Sacrifices won't count much.
People will just ruin you, no matter what
If someone leaves, they would leave you mentally a while ago, their actions would be the end-product.
We should fall in love just to realize, why we shouldn't be.


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