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Joined 18 August 2017
Pritish Pragya 10 AUG AT 18:17

The best thing about being broken is that you can reconstruct yourself however you like..


Pritish Pragya 4 AUG AT 23:08

Once the heart
gets too heavy
with pain.
People don't cry
They just turn silent
Completely silent


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Pritish Pragya 3 AUG AT 21:07

उसने मेहबूब ही तो बदला है फ़िर ताज्जुब कैसा

दुआ कबूल ना हो तो लोग खुदा तक बदल देते है


Pritish Pragya 1 AUG AT 23:07

अकेलेपन से दोस्ती अब करली है मैने


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Pritish Pragya 15 JUL AT 18:53

And I loved her enough to let her break me..


Collab 🕶️😄 #YourQuoteAndMine
Collaborating with Kashish Mankani

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Pritish Pragya 15 JUL AT 18:48

One fine day,
we will hold our hands,
and write our story together.
We will sit down,
talk about our past and laugh.

I just need nothing but you,
for being in front of my eyes,
for the rest of my life,
cause I believe my life is perfect,
when I'm with you,
and hopefully I can make,
your life better too.


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Pritish Pragya 13 JUL AT 13:38

ये मोहब्बत है साहब कुछ भी करवा देगी,
50 गज में भी एक ताज़ महल बनवा देगी..


Pritish Pragya 13 JUL AT 11:24

When you come back, they will not be them. And you may not be yourself


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Pritish Pragya 7 JUL AT 19:12

He left you.
She left you.
And you feel like you losing someone.

Actually no.
The truth is, they are. It is their lost.
They lost someone who love them.

The right one will never leave you.
So stay strong. You guys are beautiful inside and out.
And you deserve so much better.


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Pritish Pragya 6 JUL AT 23:12

You were my cup of coffee but I drink Wine now.



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