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Love and be loved ❤️
Joined 7 March 2017

Love and be loved ❤️
Joined 7 March 2017
Pritha Bhattacharya 10 AUG 2019 AT 16:28

I could stare at the sea waves
Or look into the infinity
Gasp at the depth of the sky
Or marvel at the bird's serenity
No matter what I do
No matter where I see
Be it the wind gushing by
Or the smile of a child's glee
It's you I think of
You I adore
Your memories i recall
And you i live for


Pritha Bhattacharya 21 SEP 2018 AT 10:25

Done and undone in a moment
Kept and left to be in another,
The time keeps flying away
With no more a moment to bother.
Vicious cycles of passionate love and extreme hate
Trying to ensure gaiety,
I feel I'm lost in the world and in my naivety.

Assist me in breaking the bars, help me set myself free
Emancipation is all I demand, let the whole world hear my plea.


Pritha Bhattacharya 3 SEP 2018 AT 1:51

Ask me to look at the stars,
Ask me to soak in their beauty.
Ask me to do things that I can not fathom,
Ask me to break all norms and boundaries.
Give me the Liberty to run away and you'll see,
Right beside you, through thick and thin, you'll always find me. ❤️


Pritha Bhattacharya 22 JUN 2018 AT 15:30

The beginning

Handcuffed in a jail of unfulfilled dreams, misery awaits.
Failure smeared destinies await the break of dawn,
The dawn breaks the silence of the mourning,
It's a new day, they say; a new beginning.

Shrill cries of the past, biting numbness of the space,
The deafening silence of his mind where words cease to play.
Breezing, sailing through his misery comes a ray of mirth,
A ray that rips apart the gloom, A ray that satiates the brain.

All was thus not in vain, the vanquished handcuffs scream his glee,
This, my lord of joy, was his chance to break free.
The hopes have now returned, so have the prayers, wishes and dreams,
He is now a free soul sir, his courage did destroy his melancholy.


Pritha Bhattacharya 11 MAR 2017 AT 19:24

Her gullible self wondered what triggered the child in her to unleash the demons within when she first let go of her wrath.


Pritha Bhattacharya 10 MAR 2017 AT 14:51

If only she knew that being selfish is good at times, she would have won the world!


Pritha Bhattacharya 9 MAR 2017 AT 18:19

She sat by the fire ,
She danced along the street;
She toured the whole city on her bare feet
doing meagre acts of kindness,
She lived a lavish life without a pinch of lavishness!


Pritha Bhattacharya 8 MAR 2017 AT 23:42

In the name of God they committed sins which even the almighty was ashamed of.

People named this treachery as worship.


Pritha Bhattacharya 8 MAR 2017 AT 14:35

कुछ पल होते हैं कुछ हि पल के लिए,
जी लो इन्हें हर पल के लिए,
ये वक़्त तो रेत की तरह फ़िसल जाएगा
...रह जाएंगी बस ये यादें उम्र भर के लिए


Pritha Bhattacharya 8 MAR 2017 AT 8:39

Her enigma struck a gleeful chord with his melancholy as they carved their own story.


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