Prerona Dutta   (Alter Egos)
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A math maniac having a way with words!
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A math maniac having a way with words!
Joined 6 December 2016
Prerona Dutta 13 MAR AT 2:21

Often for no reason
I stray away from my lane,
From a known well-trodden route
Into one sure to bring pain.

It is not that I don’t know
Nor the fact that I don’t care,
It has more to do with exploring
How far I’d dare to dare.

Playing safe is indeed my forte
But that’s just the one most know
The face affine to risque
Is one I’d rather not show.

Let the world think I am weak
And keep those blows raining down
And see me curl inwards
As I appear to drown.

For that’s all that they will see
While I find a way to row,
And rear my head elsewhere
Playing rougher as I grow.


Play and Learn

#playrough #Yopowrimo #Yqbaba

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Prerona Dutta 26 JAN AT 12:27

Some nights invoke thoughts of love
Best swept under a rug,
The soul's gripped by forbidden dreams
That seldom cease to tug.
Memories and desires
Play along intertwined,
But it no longer hurts as much
To look at what's left behind;
Misplaced hopes though of what could
Yet never would become
Often cloud the patchworked heart
Caught unawares lonesome.

The trick to sleep on nights as these
Is to gather your pains,
Your unrequited passion
And your immortal remains,
And quilt them around your cold self
Till you drift off warm and snug
Into a new daze, escaping
Nostalgia's tight hug.
Fresh reveries will waft in soon
To sew you up from scratch,
Oiling the vendor of your hopes
For next time you need a patch.


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Prerona Dutta 10 OCT 2018 AT 9:25

I wish I were a mountain
Impossibly high to scale;
Yet forever green and yielding,
I turned out as a vale.

I wish I lurked in depths
Of the vast eternal sea,
But trapped in one rivulet
Ripples are all I could be.

I wish I dwelt in stars
Lighting darkness as I burn
Unlike the glowworm I am
Shining too faint to discern.

I wish you fathom some day
I might be a fallen tree,
But my roots dig deep enough
To grow back a better me.


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Prerona Dutta 17 SEP 2018 AT 8:14

I drew a dream in my head
Hoping one day it would be read,
Yet left it on my forlorn bed
Forgotten under chores instead.

At moments somewhat on the fly,
Often in a delirious high
Across my mind it does glide by
Evoking a heart-felt sigh.

Eluding my near sight
That seeks yet fails to see the light,
My dream walks alleys of the night
While I wander from what could be right.

Maybe I shall chance upon
What I prophesied another dawn;
'Cause though varied garbs it may don,
A dream conceived, is never gone.


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Prerona Dutta 16 SEP 2018 AT 9:17

A spring in the step often belies
The stumbles it succeeds,
As could a winding path conceal
The goal to which it leads.
The schemes need not make obvious
The intent woven in,
They may tread tricky zones where virtues
Border on a sin.
Notions of fair and foul engage
The mind in mindless spar;
That take a cue from presumptions,
Hence deviate by far.
A Herculean task indeed
It is to be precise;
Focusing on what's pertinent,
Nipping irrelevant ties.
For one thing leads to another
In chains infinitely long,
Leaving motive and means embroiled in
A mess of right and wrong.


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Prerona Dutta 17 AUG 2018 AT 8:58

A moment of truth now and then
Flickers unknown before our eyes,
But seldom do we heed its sign
Seeking comfort in blissful lies.

In times of plight, it all floods back
Mocking our myopic foresight,
The remainder of time is spent
Struggling endless to set things right.


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Prerona Dutta 13 AUG 2018 AT 7:12

The beauty of a tempest
Lies not only in its unshackled fury,
But also in its aftermath
That invokes the firm resolve
To emerge from the wreckage
And lay the bricks anew.


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Prerona Dutta 20 JUL 2018 AT 0:21

The purpose of a duty is ideally served
When it begins to grow on you
And gradually becomes
More of an impulse.


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Prerona Dutta 9 JUL 2018 AT 23:17

For tonight,
Let the stars weave a tent
Over my head,
While I gaze
As far as eyes can see
Into the rippling navy blue
That seems to merge
With dark green at the edge
And then extends further
Till it touches
The starry dome
Descending from above,
And builds
My very own closed hemisphere;
Where I seek shelter
Every time
I wish to escape
The graying exterior
Or tear myself away
From the infinite loop
Of disappointing
And being disappointed.


Closed Hemisphere

#loop #Yopowrimo #YQbaba

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Prerona Dutta 20 JUN 2018 AT 0:15

It is important
To make peace with the bygones;
Else they rear their heads
At vulnerable moments,
Dragging you back every time.


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