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Joined 22 October 2016
Prem Kumar Chanda YESTERDAY AT 22:12

money is making me hate
the things I valued the most.


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Prem Kumar Chanda 21 MAY AT 22:09

If you are done settling in love,
you aren't loving enough.



Also, check my cover pic. Say hi to Bumzy. Okaybye

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Prem Kumar Chanda 6 MAY AT 20:07

At times,
love teaches you
how not to hate and
how not to love.



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Prem Kumar Chanda 5 MAY AT 23:33

Dear Writer Friend,
Ever took time to go through your past writings/drafts? Ever went to the page where it all began? Did your drafts sometimes feel complete as they are, unlike the other times where you felt the itch to complete them?

The magic of beginning to write is that when you look back, you become your own judge. You become your own inspiration. It could be either about your writing style or your thought process. It is a beautiful past, despite the circumstances you had to write a particular thought.

Once in a while, sit back and read through your own quotes. There are so many memories, so many prompts, so many emotions waiting to trigger you to write more. And the journey continues. Not all the time you need to have a new story. At times, an existing story does the magic of triggering a new one. All we need to do is to pay attention to those thoughts we are ignoring in between the lines. There lies all the metaphors. All the secret sauce.



Re-read your writings tonight and write a new quote. :)

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Prem Kumar Chanda 3 MAY AT 19:00

Thanks to cold and cough, came up with a new gaali:

"You pint of phlegm".


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Prem Kumar Chanda 30 APR AT 20:44

After McD, I am sure, it's is going to be McB.
B for Bonda.


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Prem Kumar Chanda 30 APR AT 20:19

They said it is Mysuru bonda.
So I went to Mysuru and ordered for one. Now they are saying that they don't have Mysuru bonda. They have Mangalore bonda. En route Mangalore bonda. Will update you if they send me back to Bengaluru bonda.


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Prem Kumar Chanda 25 APR AT 22:14

Whenever I miss you,
I read the lyrics of our favorite songs.
It only helps me to miss you more.


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Prem Kumar Chanda 22 APR AT 13:47

"Just kidding."
"Sorry. But I don't have kids."


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Prem Kumar Chanda 19 APR AT 0:08

the breeze is
our incomplete

Our thoughts
translated into
travelled afar
to connect to our
inner most feelings.

And thus began
our telepathy.


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