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Joined 22 October 2016
Prem Kumar Chanda 21 MAR AT 0:12

The itch to write something
makes me look desperate at times.
I trace my thoughts
I look for signs;
the same clichéd love-missings,
I plan to write something anew
verbose, I end up, meow meow.


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Prem Kumar Chanda 17 MAR AT 0:37

You are a star
if you are wearing your scars
shining bright
like tattoos
some cool designs
some deep stories
some you would never
want to think about.

You are a star
in the pool of dark
regreting the signs you once
thought would get along;
some paths cut sharp,
some left footprints
some bookmarks.

You are a star
no less than the moon
or the sun;
breathing bright life.
You are not alone,
so is the light.

You are a scar
in the dark pool
of the universe
letting the sun shine
the moon bright.
You are the light.


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Prem Kumar Chanda 13 MAR AT 19:53

Our apartment's WhatsApp group admin is
pure savage. He has been following up to collect the whitewashing charges in advance so as to coordinate with the vendor and get the work started. He shared a particular bank account info to which the amount has to be transferred by all the flat owners. Some of us paid. Some of them didn't bother to respond. He then changed the group's dp to that account's passbook.



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Prem Kumar Chanda 11 MAR AT 20:31

Every time we receive emails, messages and posts from many writers about how the app is home to many, how it has been instrumental in shaping their life, how the safe and encouraging space for all to express their inner most feelings has helped them to open up, how a relationship almost broken is back and is committed now because of their poems - these serve as reassurances from the Universe that we are into something big.
Godspeed YourQuote.


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Prem Kumar Chanda 11 MAR AT 1:27

Vachindamma | Geetha Govindham | Telugu Song Cover

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Prem Kumar Chanda 6 MAR AT 18:21

I forgot the spelling of the word I was about to type. I just remember its pronunciation and know that the word starts with s for sure. I started typing all the combinations accordingly - sivier, siviour, sivere, siviyer. Thanks to Google, there is at least "did you mean 'severe'?" Phew!


The struggle is severe, I tell you.

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Prem Kumar Chanda 4 MAR AT 21:22

You're is underrated.
Your is overrated.


P.S. Let me know if you have heard the quote before. Will delete it. :)

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Prem Kumar Chanda 4 MAR AT 12:20

Bot is an advanced version of standard template.


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Prem Kumar Chanda 3 MAR AT 1:26

like night
you are dark,
a lie, beautiful,
with shades
of blue and white
and red and bright
waiting to shine
to lie again.


night and lie, you and lie. 🖤

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Prem Kumar Chanda 3 MAR AT 0:59

you are too much
to love or let go
that my tears
dried a death
everytime my heart
pumped them to my eyes
and my face made it all look
graceful and smiling.

/happy for you/


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