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Prem Kumar Chanda 28 JUN AT 14:58

మనవాళ్లు అనుకుంటే, దూరం ఉండదు.
పరాయివాళ్లు అనుకున్నపుడే దూరం దానికదే ఏర్పడుతుంది, సంబంధాలు కూడా దెబ్బతింటాయి.


Prem Kumar Chanda 25 JUN AT 22:01

Stars might be jealous of us
because they don't have
a Universe and a Sunshine
just for each of them,
like I have you.


Prem Kumar Chanda 24 JUN AT 23:40

Have friends who can say -
"That's okay. You are not alone. It happens
with everyone. It happens everywhere. That's
life. Don't forget that you are special, unique
and I am sure you will come out of it

This genuine validation, though we might
already know, it's important it comes from the
closest people whom you trust. Who care for
you. When you are going through tough
times, stay close to those who fill you with
positive vibes, who listen to you and can make
it super easy and simple for you to look at the
problem and make you fall in love with
yourself again.

That, my friend, is resurrection.


Prem Kumar Chanda 23 JUN AT 16:35

The wanderlust in me asked me to RIP,
thanks to COVID-19.


Prem Kumar Chanda 21 JUN AT 12:44

Happy 'baap ko mat sikha' day.


Prem Kumar Chanda 18 JUN AT 10:12

I think 'word of the year' for 2020 should be 'privilege'. We are privileged in many ways - be it being born in a decently financially comfortable family, access to education, healthcare, people and money and so on. Until when we see racial discrimination, communal violence, fights over religion and so on. Unfortunately, we fail to realise how privilege is a negative thing that clouds us from treating everyone as equals, as human beings who are same as you and me and them.


Prem Kumar Chanda 18 JUN AT 0:38

the opposite of silence should be


Prem Kumar Chanda 12 JUN AT 18:28

Lies and diplomacy.
That's what the world holds onto.
Delusional truth they live in.
the brave
hold onto the truth.
The absolute.


Prem Kumar Chanda 10 JUN AT 11:31

Tough love
much like tough luck
comes closer to you -
almost becoming your true love.
And oops, you missed it.


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