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Joined 17 February 2018
Preethi B 6 OCT AT 12:40

My heart is filled with,
peace & happiness!


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Preethi B 8 AUG AT 21:30

Hope, a wish which brings
smile from heart!

Hope! (In 8 words)
Prayer with silent tears,
For healing, every agony!


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Preethi B 8 AUG AT 21:17

Desire for a light,
For a beautiful tomorrow.


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Preethi B 7 AUG AT 13:45

Poem - I am vs I'm not!

I am a dreamer,
But I'm not a hallucinator,

I am in love with fairytales,
But I'm not navie,

I am into endearments,
But, I'm not falling for rosy words,

I am a believer in love,
But, I'm not gonna be a prey!


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Preethi B 7 AUG AT 1:01

Title - Loneliness! (In 8 words)

Detached relations,
Suppressed emotions,
Silent traumas,
Soul Emptiness!


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Preethi B 18 JUN AT 23:04

Wish we had met face to face through common friends rather than a social media site.
Wish we could have spent time in real knowing eachother well, rather than chatting online.
Wish I could read ur heart through ur eyes, rather than trying to know ur feelings in ur pic's or reading ur sun signs.
Wish we were both mature enough to be together through every thick & thin till our last breath, rather giving excuses for not being in touch.


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Preethi B 11 JUN AT 15:39

The world would stop,
Memories would haunt,
Words falls short,
For the agony in heart.

Loneliness takes over,
Nobody can be near or dear,
Self-loathing forever is a part,
Getting over becomes a task.

In the end, emerges,
A Dead soul with operating parts!


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Preethi B 11 JUN AT 13:27

Explain yourself for the way you are!

Love means never having to,
Compromise on your ethics & dignity!

Love means never having to,
Remind, doubt, question for your existence in their life!


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Preethi B 8 JUN AT 0:07

My 4433 Poem
Aquarian Mermaid!

Why search in fairytale,
When mermaids are here,
Yes, in real,
Meet an Aquarian! 馃槈


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Preethi B 7 JUN AT 18:17

Version 2
#44234 Poem - Never Mind!

Feel, think & write,
Snack on any time,
Calories count,
Keep in mind,馃檲
The foodies never mind! 馃槣馃槀


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