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19 JUL AT 1:54

Mere ishq ke pair daba dun mein,
chhu lun jannat ko.
Kabi mein sar jhuka dun mein.
Thaka yo yaar mein toh seene se laga lun usko,
Wo kahe toh baahon mein jhula jhula dun mein.
(c) by Neer

Jaanat! (Inspired by above poem)

Bahon mein jhula dho mujhko,
Aapne sar jhuka ke, meri maathe ko chumlo,
Seene se laga lo mujhko,
Meri thakan badan ko, aapke godhi mein sulalo,
Aapke Ishq mein dubalo mujhko,
Aapne zindagi se judake, Mujhe Jannat mein le chalo... 💞


18 APR AT 2:39

My Favourite Spiritual Place!

The Spiritual centre is 6km away from my residence,
In the city centre, on the busiest road is the entrance,
The security welcomes with a smile taking attendance,
Flowers, ferns & feathers on the path, gives a feeling of angelic presence.

Beautiful interiors, comfortable sofa, elevator, reception, it isn’t an apartment,
On the 3rd floor, wide hall with posters of Master’s Spiritual messages,
A yellow wall with Master’s picture & peacock feathers besides it,
Sunlight on white marble floor, pleasing, loving, serene location.

Smoothing, aromatic incenses, veranda with greenery and seating’s,
On the duplex hall, meditation brings a mystic experience by Master’s blessings,
My soul craved to runaway & be in solace,
And I finally found my tranquil in the hour of heartache.

When they play Om Mani Padme hum, soul awakens,
Bruises of emotional, mental & soul body are attended,
Healing of the soul happens in a deep amazing level,
One would find oneself, in the true holy spiritual essence.

It’s a place that brings back love, hope, peace & happiness,
Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation Of Karnataka,
Is my favourite spiritual location!
(c) Preethi.B - 4/4/2020


2 JAN AT 0:27

Honest Confessions
of a Journey!

// In Caption //


1 DEC 2019 AT 2:09

Rewind all memories of smiles & tears,
Elders, peers, bosses, please don't pressure,
Let me enjoy my December,
Party, get-togethers, solitude leisure,
Get ready for resolutions & questionnaire,
Coming New year has a lot to offer! 😉


6 OCT 2019 AT 12:40

My heart is filled with,
peace & happiness!


8 AUG 2019 AT 21:30

Hope, a wish which brings
smile from heart!

Hope! (In 8 words)
Prayer with silent tears,
For healing, every agony!


8 AUG 2019 AT 21:17

Desire for a light,
For a beautiful tomorrow.


7 AUG 2019 AT 13:45

Poem - I am vs I'm not!

I am a dreamer,
But I'm not a hallucinator,

I am in love with fairytales,
But I'm not navie,

I am into endearments,
But, I'm not falling for rosy words,

I am a believer in love,
But, I'm not gonna be a prey!


7 AUG 2019 AT 1:01

Title - Loneliness! (In 8 words)

Detached relations,
Suppressed emotions,
Silent traumas,
Soul Emptiness!


18 JUN 2019 AT 23:04

Wish we had met face to face through common friends rather than a social media site.
Wish we could have spent time in real knowing eachother well, rather than chatting online.
Wish I could read ur heart through ur eyes, rather than trying to know ur feelings in ur pic's or reading ur sun signs.
Wish we were both mature enough to be together through every thick & thin till our last breath, rather giving excuses for not being in touch.


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