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Joined 2 August 2020
30 MAY AT 3:38

He was like the season AUTUMN
When he used to come,
my heart starts to fall just like the
'Falling Of Leaf In Autumn'.


30 MAY AT 3:32

//My Poetries//



7 MAY AT 12:21

Again I found you
in the 'forgetting page'
of my psychology.
You are still fresh and
my mind still craves for
our memories.


7 MAY AT 12:06

Sometimes the best fragrance is
not the flower having sweet smell.
Often our instinct falls for the
odour of the flower,
with whom we are in love with.


7 MAY AT 12:00

I started falling for the fallen stars
with my unfulfilled wishes.


5 MAY AT 23:55

I loved you like
The moon loves darkness
And the darkness loves it in back.
It is very scenic and lovely
And I wish to carry the similar
'mutuality' between you and me.


5 MAY AT 23:47

I loved you like
the permanent star
in the northern direction
of the vast dark sky.
Which never had left the
chest of sky in any way.


5 MAY AT 23:44

I loved you like
the absence of your surname
after my name.
Which stayed as a wish to access
And deep challenge to accept.


5 MAY AT 23:27

I loved you like
the beautiful sunflowers
of my small garden.
Which always turn it's face
to feel the real sense of love.


5 MAY AT 23:21

I loved you like
the 'S' letter of our name.
Which is always busy to
make the beginning of both
of our name by it's presence


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