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Joined 7 October 2017
Kef Amaya YESTERDAY AT 0:29

It's never about
not wanting to be
with other people.

It's needing to be
with oneself.



Kef Amaya 30 JUL AT 14:46

India (noun: country)

Where your surname decides your fate.


Kef Amaya 26 JUL AT 6:38

Dark is one giant metaphor.
(Not a review)


Kef Amaya 25 JUL AT 12:39

I felt tired, so I took a break from sleeping and woke up for a change.


Kef Amaya 15 JUL AT 1:10

It is important to work on yourself.

But it's equally important to have people in life that give you enough space and support for you to work on yourself.


Kef Amaya 9 JUL AT 23:32

Let them all be kings and rule.

I just want a small cottage by the sea
with lots of books and food.


Kef Amaya 9 JUL AT 23:05

I'm the most rational erratic person you'll ever meet.


Kef Amaya 7 JUL AT 23:10

It's so bad that I'm questioning all my life decisions- how could I ever want to be anyone else other than a chef?


Kef Amaya 4 JUL AT 15:03

Have so much truth in you that it burns away your ego and in extension, others'.


Kef Amaya 2 JUL AT 21:38

You are on a diet when you look forward to those 2 Parle-G biscuits with your evening Chai throughout your day.


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