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Joined 19 October 2017
22 JUN AT 20:43

Ways of duty, days so due.
Face of beauty, greys of hue.
I don't know how, where, and why
Blest was I with a knight so nigh.

I was late, but so was fate
As it struck: No time, no date.
The heart fell down and broke till brown.
It cried, it shouted, shook, and frowned.

Slowly turned my back to the dark,
As I walked out and glowed in the ark.
OK, smiles up and frowns all thrown.
Here I run from the comfort zone.

Wow! And you have come so far.
Shining bright like a newborn star.
Rise and fly, up so high
Like a diamond in the sky.


12 MAY AT 8:36

The system and it's creation, predator and prey.
Sanity has been lost, all spectra to grey.
Caught in flames of misery, no choice but to burn.
Online classes everywhere, not a thing to learn.


20 APR AT 19:35

Imperfection is the core of existence.


18 APR AT 23:55

देशभक्त को देशनिकाला, मुँह गोरा मुँह काला है ।
राजा ! तेरी नापाकी का घड़ा फूटने वाला है ।।
हिंदी की बिंदी, तन-मन-धन, ख़ुदपर प्राण लुटाए है ।
जा के मन में हवस पले है, वा दिल्ली को जाए है ।।


16 APR AT 8:54

For your acceptance, I will have to pay.
I already am no less beggar to say.
Even though I proclaim it with grace,
Loving you was a blunder in first place.
My heart overwhelmingly warns me clear.
Where are you tonight? You said you'd be here.
I don't know exactly, but somewhere I bled
When you hurt me, left me all wrecked, and fled.
A threat to my sanity, your memories prevail
In worthless sorrow, but I shall not wail.
Aye, but it hit me when you pointed hither,
Looked at me, and said, "We can't be together.".
Wait for the end of eternity to see:
Till the very soul of existence be free,
In unseen heavens, just you and me,
Maybe not now, but we're meant to be.


26 MAR AT 23:28

So pathetic…

Loneliness hurts,
But obsession pierces the heart.

I am just a dirty piece of trash.
Completely useless…

Right, mom?


18 MAR AT 0:06

वह हर कोई कि जो मुझे फिरता लगाता है नज़र,
तेरी नज़रें जानती हैं तेरी क्या औक़ात है ।
है अगर कुछ, बोल मेरे मुँह पर आकर, बेख़बर !
बद्दुआओं से जताए, वह भला कोई बात है ?


1 MAR AT 19:35

Behind every outcast is a person who actually tried to fit in and got tired of all the hatred.


29 AUG 2019 AT 0:28

तेरा-मेरा मिलना कोई इत्तिफ़ाक़-भर न था ।
हमसफ़र तुझको चुना नज़्र-ए-ख़ुदा समझकर ।।


12 DEC 2018 AT 11:12

…धीरे-धीरे मैं अपने जीवन का मतलब समझ गया ।


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