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PanKaj Joshi 26 JUN AT 23:09

The world is very harsh to make everyone believe that they are sane and pure, but everyone secretly know that deep inside their minds, they are all insane and dark.


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PanKaj Joshi 12 JUN AT 13:04

I live inside my mind,
A sea of thoughts therein I dwell,
Drowning me to the absolute abyss.

The sun is dead there,
No difference between day and night,
No way to tell the time.
My heart is out of sight,
My soul devoid of light.

Amidst these curses,
At least I am awake,
And almighty has offered me salvation.

A pen in the grasp of my hand,
And an endless ink around me,
The more I use,The more I'm free.


PanKaj Joshi 11 JUN AT 23:20

Her face glows,
Like an endless flow,
Of shining moon,
Late at night.

Dances my heart,
In ecstasy,
With her voice divine,
My heart beats in tempo.

A rapture love,
Of eternal bliss,
Love me,
For the night
And take me deeper,
To the endless flow,
Of Shining moon.
And to the endless flow,
Of glittering stars.


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PanKaj Joshi 10 JUN AT 1:10

I laid on the roof, I looked at the sky.
And saw the clouds passing by.

Moon was peeping through the clouds.
For me it's beauty was stupefying.

Lights flickering beneath mystic skies
Through gaps in trees, they shine
Entered, my mind, I watch surprised
This spectral beauty in the wind.

In the midst of those witching hours;
In the spectacles of my mind,
I realised I am standing alone,
In the shadows of light, under the sky
Sky that is so tragically beautiful;
A graveyard of stars.

A thought popped up in my head
Is night dull or bright?


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PanKaj Joshi 21 MAY AT 15:04

We meet a lot of people in our lives and being emotionally deficient, we make them our whole world. But when they leave , they shatter our soul into millions of pieces. At last when we try to gather those pieces, when we try to mend those fissures and rebuild ourselves, we are not same again, we can never be.
But here we fail to understand is that the most important person in our life, the person that matters the most is ourselves. We need to love ourselves more than we love people, because people will change, memories too. But you will be there forever. Your life is your story and people you meet are just characters in it. Some will play their part and exit while some will walk with you till the end.


PanKaj Joshi 21 MAY AT 11:40

All we ever try to do is to create oceans out of our tears to wash away the pain left upon our heart by our past.
But we all end up doing is trace back the footprints to the scars on our soul for there is more comfort in pain than in letting go.


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PanKaj Joshi 13 MAY AT 13:22

She is Love,
She is a gift from the stars,
From a magical place way beyond this Earth.
Her love envelops me,
Making me a better person
A wiser adult.

When I think of love,
Her face is the first thing I see
When I feel that warm safe feeling
I think of her.

Every now and then, there is her
Brightening the universe everyday
Someone who is always thinking of me
Often sacrificing her own needs for mine,
That person is my mom.


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PanKaj Joshi 11 MAR AT 2:51

Day after day,
Night after night,
I imagine myself,
Being strewn across the ocean sky.
Like a little star fading
In and out of time,
Moments of everlasting infinite irises
Block out my vision.
The celestial space is where,
My mind wanders.


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