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Joined 7 November 2017

Joined 7 November 2017
16 JUN 2019 AT 14:22

Experienced Excellence, Exceeding Expectations


26 FEB 2019 AT 4:00

There are successful people following this path,
There are successful people following that path,
There are successful people following the path you haven't considered,

But this is your story,
The path you really wanna follow will take you to the success you desire.
Make your story in your way and don't let people define your success journey.


25 JAN 2019 AT 1:32

If they haven't started to caring for you yet; then it's time you start caring for yourself.


5 NOV 2018 AT 1:55

The 3 mantras for life:
• Learn from yesterday
• Live in today
• Work for tomorrow

The 3 mantras for strugglefull life :
• Live in yesterday
• Work for today
• Fear the tomorrow


29 OCT 2018 AT 9:20

तुम शायद वह कारवां जो न हमारा हैं ना ही कभी हमारा था, मगर हम वह मीर जिसने तुम्हे अपनी मंज़िल बनाली।


7 OCT 2018 AT 13:38

A prodigy is always found when you start exploring the world.


10 MAR 2018 AT 21:08

If your life is made to be despair then no matter how much inspiration and will to conquer your target you have. Your life will be in despair.


21 DEC 2017 AT 3:30

Everything is frozen,
since the day I realised
you would be more happy
without me. Yet my heart
beats with the same warmth
for you as it ever has.


7 DEC 2017 AT 8:24

I think finally I am over with love of you. Well until I thought of you.


27 NOV 2017 AT 6:30

Weather changed upon seeing her, before snow flakes were tipping down, but now, everything has changed and I didn't realise when the snow flakes became hailstones. My love for her was my driving force and now it is dragging me. I guess that's what happens when a tornado meets a volcano.


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