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20 JAN AT 14:33

Be wary of the eyes
That crave bones,
Mostly the hollow bones.
Be wary of the eyes
That seeks the dreamers
Dreamers, who put the most breakable creatures
On high pedestals.
Be wary of those hunters
Who preys for lost humans
Both men and women,
Who wear wings crafted of glue and toile.
Be wary of the ones
Who has a habit to keep
Thin skinned angels in their pockets,
So to distract the already lost
With the false light behind their own eyes.


20 JAN AT 1:40

I have kept the old memories
Still in my closet,
Cleaning and refreshing them
Just to remind myself
What I don't want
In life anymore.


20 JAN AT 1:22

Poems don't reside
In words or phrases
But only in eyes
Through which you see
The world.


20 JAN AT 0:42

The vast lake
Amidst the labyrinths of
Lush green forest,
Sits calmly,
While the clouds kept on ranting.

The lake, with open wide arms
Just sits there and
Slowly gather all the rain
Because she belongs there
Softly and wildly.

//Rain's home//


20 JAN AT 0:29

There will be certain days,
Times and feelings
That you no longer can
Describe them with sonnets,
Phrases, poems and words.
But only by names of people
Who made you feel
That particular feeling.


20 JAN AT 0:10

We are all lost,
Stuck and swinging between
The two pronouns
Of I and you.
Am I looking for you
Or are you looking for me?

The love is beyond the cage,
Orbiting around universe,
Living inside like a child,
Waiting for you
To break your chains
Of the two pronouns
That you are swinging
Like madmen, thirsty of love.


14 JAN AT 9:32

When you are pulled
From too many directions,
You end up moving none.
You stand there,
Frozen, fixed and still
At one place.


13 JAN AT 17:59

I finally threw a pebble
In the offing of the world,
And the whole world
Displaced a bit,
In ripples,
Creating space for my action.


24 DEC 2020 AT 21:01

So I chose to paint
The world in gold,
With all the shimmers and glitters,
But still, the world didn't feel.
That it was rich enough.
So I painted the world in vermilion
In the darkest, deepest shades
of vermillion that I could find.
But alas, it still wasn't bloody enough.
So I painted the world emerald.
But it wasn't vivid enough,
Then I painted the world.
In magenta and blue,
With a splash of Oregon.
Yet it failed to incite
Calmness, Kindness, and Living streaks!
But now, I have a canvas,
Oops! Sorry, the world,
In a deep muddy mess.

Please gift me a new world,
I'll start again.
By not colouring any,


23 DEC 2020 AT 13:01

Nothing but small and big
Battle stones.
Ebbing the mend
Of the river flow
Of your life, and
Slows you down
Towards your destiny.


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