Oindrila Majumdar   (The Screeching Silence)
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Oindrila Majumdar 13 JUL AT 9:41

With steel we build
Our temples and homes
High, to reach the sky,
Scraping the clouds,
Like needles piercing the sky.
But when will we stop
And look down, to our feet
And speak of the grace
That the trees bestow upon us,
The simple fresh breeze in the morning
That makes our hair windy
While we sip our coffee,
As it instills each breathe of life
Into our lungs!
Trees may be in the ground
But it let us grow
Wild and on own!
And that's what we should seek
To be our home!


Oindrila Majumdar 4 JUL AT 23:06

They always say
No smoke without a little bit of fire,
And they all have some tales to tell,
Pieces of hearsay:
Broken marriages,
Tussles & Trysts;
To be with you
Brings pain and fistful of blood, spilling,
But the constant appeal of your flame,
I can't deny,
And I have always longed
To find out
Where fire and smoke collide.


Oindrila Majumdar 4 JUL AT 21:26

Entwined bodies,
Imploding galaxies.


Oindrila Majumdar 4 JUL AT 4:06

Being safe is not just
Wearing a mask
Or maintaining social distance.
Being safe also means
How do you protect your
Fragile mind from the
Constant ugliness that
The world wants to feed,
How do you keep
Your heart gentle,
Even when the world is trying
To squish it with hatred,
And how do you turn off
The noise into oblivion.
Being safe also means
How you find laughter and joy
And find the will
To hope and to love.


Oindrila Majumdar 3 JUL AT 21:06

But who will tell them loud
That there's a riot
Living inside us,
And the flame is burning,
No where ready
To just die and rot.

You say it's a tragedy.
But hey! We are now
The blacksmiths, the masters
Of our soul,
To carve it as a strategy,
The plot twist we needed
For the riot inside
To burn like a phoenix.

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Oindrila Majumdar 28 JUN AT 1:23

There's no particular map
For people like us.
For road awaits for our foot
To fall upon the ground,
And pave the map,
Awaiting for the next step
To spring into being.


Oindrila Majumdar 25 JUN AT 6:46

The real nightmares
Don't visit when
We are asleep.


Oindrila Majumdar 25 JUN AT 6:05

Tears are like chimneys,
Quietly, lovingly,
Rolls down with hope
Releasing the smoke
By putting off the fire
Of memories,
Saving your heart from burns.


Oindrila Majumdar 22 JUN AT 20:14

Some days, I pen about
The future.
And some days,
Only memories.


Oindrila Majumdar 22 JUN AT 14:31

Some days, your love
Will be explanatory,
And some days,
It will be standing
As a questionnaire.
But at the end,
It's your love.
Imperfectly perfect!


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