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Joined 5 October 2017
8 MAY AT 19:09

Half of our problems would be solved if, we could just see what we have instead of what we yet have to achieve.


6 MAY AT 2:11

These breaths are limited in number, make them count.


1 MAY AT 2:18

Kuch kudrat ki berehmi hai,
Kuch kismat ki berukhi,
Tujhse Nazarein mili toh sahi,
Lekin rahein juda hoti gayi.


1 MAY AT 1:12

Your destiny might be pre-written but the only person who can re-write it is you.


25 APR AT 17:16

Instead of trying to read others' minds,
understand yours first.


21 APR AT 1:14

I am not afraid to show my authenthic self.


21 APR AT 1:12

Sometimes all we need to continue our journey is a break.


18 APR AT 7:55

I will not make excuses today.
I will act on the things I need to.


14 APR AT 1:46

The sole benefit of overdoing for someone
is that you just give up once and for all.


13 APR AT 22:19

Words exchanged lesser
each day. The light in your
eyes, when you saw them,
slowly fades away.

Birthdays are forgotten,
promises don't matter anymore.
You are stuck, the energy
to break free withers.

You look out the window,
the clouds drift away.
The moon seems sad in
your agony & you sit
there just waiting to feel
happy again.

To remember how it
felt to be happy, wanted, loved.


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