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Joined 5 October 2017
26 NOV AT 18:22

Not all diseases are fatal.
But dis-ease kills you slowly for sure.


26 NOV AT 1:01

Learn to listen to Silence,
But don't suffer in it.


26 NOV AT 0:24

Overshadowed by her love, his rage dissolved into nothingness.


25 NOV AT 1:36

You stress a lot,
You lie a lot,
You think too much,
You resent too much.

Of all the things that you do,
the one you do the least is love yourself.


23 NOV AT 12:23

Don't let the darkness of this life,
engulf the light inside you.


23 NOV AT 12:21

The only truth about life is that it ends anyway.


23 NOV AT 0:08

Dreams are paranormal sometimes,
But don't you think life is equally weird?


22 NOV AT 23:54

Things like pain, amplify slowly when hidden.


15 NOV AT 18:36

It's 8 pm.

Today is magical as the babies fell asleep at a reasonable hour. You got the time to shower today and you are in your cardigan and your warm fuzzy socks. Enjoying your cup of hot chocolate, beneath the warm night lights in your quilt.

Another day of madness has come to an end. You look at their sleeping faces, so calm, drifted away in some dreamland of their own. You are ready to do it all over again, no matter what it takes.

You barely enjoy your occasional shower, you eat on the go, your body aches, your home, your life feels like a mess, but they make them worth it. Your hands are always full, but so is your heart.


14 NOV AT 14:57

Be strong for them.
Happy Children's Day.


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