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Joined 5 October 2017
24 OCT AT 1:16

The very thought of death,
scares us.
And yet sometimes, gives comfort
beyond comparison.


24 OCT AT 0:33

Life is a series of
Holding on,
& letting it go.


21 OCT AT 1:53

Some people seem like anchors,
But all they do is, drag you down.


18 OCT AT 19:26

If dreams could speak,
they would talk about the guilt,
they harbour,
for ruining my sleep.


18 OCT AT 19:17

You love all the wrong people,
for all the wrong reasons,
and the years pass by.

Just when you are about to give up,
You will learn how to love,
What not to love.
But then people,
say their goodbyes.


16 OCT AT 16:39

You will never get the love you deserve.
Or the love that you radiate.
The sooner you accept this fact, the easier life will be.


16 OCT AT 7:38

Just because you had a bad day,
It doesn't mean someone else's has
to be ruined too.


15 OCT AT 13:05

Letting go off, worldly expectations.


14 OCT AT 23:40

You can have all the love
you could ever ask for,

but would you really value
it once you have it all?


13 OCT AT 21:39

She picked up the unfinished drawing from the floor, and the broken crayons. And when she opened the school bag, she knew the tiffin was lost again.

Slowly muttering to herself,"what did I do wrong".

And in the other room, fidgeting with the chair, he thought, "maa is so upset, what did I do wrong?"


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