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Joined 29 November 2019

Joined 29 November 2019
5 FEB AT 12:34

உடலுக்கு உயிரா!?
உயிருக்கு உடலா!?
என்பதை போல


5 FEB AT 12:00

வாங்கத்தான் பணமில்லை...


5 FEB AT 11:56

சூரிய ஒளியோ
உன்னிடம் மீதம்


19 JAN 2022 AT 7:36

Dear granny,
You're always a special person in my life.... you're my first friend, partner in crime, teacher of discipline, person I loved most, first person make me possessive and the most modern granny who always tries to change herself for us. You're the person who admired me a lot, you've been scolded me a lot but you won't let any one else to scold me.
Your love knows no bounds. You think I’m cute and talented and maybe even wise, but I know that’s why all grandparents see through loving eyes. Every day with you is precious, I'm so grateful for the time. Of all the grandparents in the world, I'm thankful that you’re mine...
I'm missing you very badly💔
You can't come again
But I'm always rely on your blessings
Love you❤


31 DEC 2021 AT 22:55

2021 taught me,
No one can be perfect,
Without making mistakes.

We can not get success,
Without facing failures.

We can not be happy,
Without being sad.

Everything comes in
And we can never get
Without facing the


25 DEC 2021 AT 6:48

Mam, thanks for all your support and your
invaluable life lessons.
Cheers to your
best birthday yet💕💕

You are the reason
I endured everything
in my life. With so much change in our lives,
you are the one constant
that is always there
and you are a shining example for all of us✨✨
We all tend to follow your example as we try to
be better persons😇

I am sending warm
wishes and loving
thoughts your way for
your birthday. Even
though we are apart,
you will always be
in my thoughts as well as
in my heart.
Happy birthday, Mam💞💞


27 NOV 2021 AT 20:19

Glorious garden
As well as
Deadliest scatter


15 SEP 2021 AT 14:24


When you get
what you want, that's God's direction.
When you don't get
what you want that's
God's Protection.


When I get
what I want, that's Parents' direction.
When I don't get
what I want that's
Parents' Protection.


5 SEP 2021 AT 8:41

The uniqueness of a teacher lies on how well love is communicated when knowledge is being passed through their students. You don’t just teach, you educate in love.

You are one of the best things that have happened to me because having someone like you to teach and nurture me has brought me to my best.

I checked through my results and realized the point, things turned around positively because of the presence of an amazing teacher like you; I am grateful for your sacrifices.
Thank you so much dear teacher!!!


8 AUG 2021 AT 23:12

Unbelievable certitude


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