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Joined 22 March 2020
23 JUN AT 11:13

My mind is
that of
basics of colours
black and white,

so i mix words
to create new colours,

every poem is an abstract
painting of mine.


23 JUN AT 8:55

Keep the silence to
yourself and give
words to the world

you will see art everywhere
but in you

a sacrifice we should make to
hate ourself but love the others.
-the world-


22 JUN AT 20:03

i fill the pages
writing about emotions
so much that it makes
a void in me

i write
because if i die in
the void
i will leave
an echo behind.


21 JUN AT 12:36

I am as tender
as the skin
and as hard
as the bones beneath

the difference will
be of caressing
and grasping.


20 JUN AT 10:54

I took water from
Ganga to do wudu

i knew it was maghrib
when the clock of
Church striked 7

and then i broke my fast
eating the Langar.

Atleast Gods
are pleased if not the world.


19 JUN AT 11:33

I wished to interwine
our hands and write
that you filled my gaps
I'd be lying if i didn't
say when i pray
i fill my gaps
myself so beautifully,


19 JUN AT 10:46

You know love
its not others that
breaks you when you
fall for them,

its you
because others are not
that powerful.


19 JUN AT 9:35

I was not broken

they shredded me to
feathers and now they
dip me in ink to write
tales of their lying swords

and the day all poems combine
you will see me rise from my ashes,

that day you will see a poetry come
to life.


18 JUN AT 15:05

i am hollow
and i know
nothing stays as
the light and dark
passes through me
on different times,

and that's how i know
after everything
nothing does stay.


18 JUN AT 10:18

शुक्रिया करुँ क्या तेरा या शिकायत
तुने दिया इतना सब कुछ की
कभी लिखने बैठु तो लिखु डेढ़ सौ
शायरी और कभी सिर्फ दो लफ्ज़।


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