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Joined 23 January 2018
Nikita Maurya 13 MAR AT 20:27

Today as I am here, on your grave.
With bunch of flowers and cake.
No it's not your birthday neither mine,
just the same date on which I
promised to never leave your side.


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Nikita Maurya 9 MAR AT 12:03

Radha-krishna taught us that
distance doesn't matters
when it comes to love.
If you're connected through heart,
you can feel one's happiness
and pain. You not always need to
communicate, to speak.
Your love, trust and loyalty
becomes your words.

-Moitie ame


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Nikita Maurya 27 FEB AT 22:58

//this night//

It's been so long since
you've properly cried,
take off that fake smile you
are holding with pride.
Let's cry out loud this night,
enough loud to make
the house shiver this time.
No sweetheart, it's not a bad thing,
even the happiest souls
have their black days.
This night; the tears that you'll shed,
the scream your loneliness roars
would tell this world
about your weakened soul.
Maybe the next morning, the
fake mask you would again put on
But till the sun rises,
be real to your own.
Let the you see you (self),
let the you see you (self)
That you is no more of you.
It's been so long since
you've properly cried,
take off that fake smile
you are holding with pride.


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Nikita Maurya 26 FEB AT 23:56



Love never really dies❤️🙂
#love #loveneverdies #loveyouforever #immortal

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Nikita Maurya 14 JAN AT 2:46



Nikita Maurya 13 JAN AT 0:25

Everyone says, so I
decided to give it a look.
It's actually true!
My skin doesn't glow anymore.
I tried different creams
didn't impacted best.
Some foundation too
still the same result.
What should I try now?
Silly me asked my pet.
He licked my face and
wiped out the artificial skin.
I smiled warmly and realised
that's it! That's what I needed!


I love dogs!❤️❤️
#doglove #doglovers #mypet #animals #yqbaba

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Nikita Maurya 10 JAN AT 14:24

Hands shivering,
forehead sweating,
eyes crying with
a heavy heart,
and a will to die.
No, it wasn't a breakup.
Just a mind blocked writer.


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Nikita Maurya 3 JAN AT 21:48

Just pack your bags and leave!
Why you continue to breathe?
No one is real here.
Then why only you care?
Close the window!
Air is suffocating.
It's good not to inhale
rather inhaling mind diseases.
Please help me get out of it.
And convert me to unreal.
Also buy me a mask
Which says "Now I'm like the way you are!"
Maybe now I can sit with you guys,
But OH GOD! Mask came off!
Coz of stupid tears from real eyes.
I should run. Back to lonely room.
Because my inner self isn't a fool.


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Nikita Maurya 5 DEC 2019 AT 23:47

Shshhh! Did you hear something broke? Didn't you?
Well it felt like the sound was so close to me. Like the thing broke into million pieces that can never be fix.
Oh! Oh wait!

That was my heart.


Nikita Maurya 5 NOV 2019 AT 23:33

I kept wandering
in search for love.
Here and there
in this fake world.
All this time
I thought it wasn't you.
Even I used to everyday
look at you.
But today as I saw you
crying with me,
instead of laughing.
My searching stop
Because I found you
as my everything.

the person inside the mirror.


Mirror❤️ love yourself❤️🌹
#mirror #selflove #yqbaba

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