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Nikhil Sharma 21 APR AT 12:57

We can't predict what would happen to us next moment, Therefore utilise every single moment of your Life.


Nikhil Sharma 10 APR AT 0:50

The momment you stop thinking what others will think about you and start thinking what you think about Yourself will make you who you actually are not as per other's outlook.


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बहुत दिनों के बाद 😁✌️

Nikhil Sharma 19 JAN AT 14:56

Making Travel Videos

Famous Travel Vlogger on YouTube


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Nikhil Sharma 11 DEC 2018 AT 16:33

For even one day if you stop complaining about someone , something etc. Your day will go awesome and smooth 😉😉.


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Nikhil Sharma 14 OCT 2018 AT 23:58

We all have several reasons for not doing something.....
But we all have one reason for doing that thing in a manner that no one can do...

First choice won't let yours dream come true ,
the other one will be difficult to do, will have problems but then the life will be awesome and will help you secure your dreams.
Choice is all Yours !!!


Nikhil Sharma 12 OCT 2018 AT 23:37

Every moment in life teaches us some or the other thing , So if you choose to enjoy that moment that's Awesome , But if you choose to waste that in sorrows and regrets , Sorry but Life is too small to have these type of sorrows and regrets. !!!


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Nikhil Sharma 19 JUL 2018 AT 14:29

To Enjoy This Game of Life.


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Nikhil Sharma 22 FEB 2018 AT 14:43

When we Love someone , something
The Language is spoken through our Heart, Not the Mouth.


Nikhil Sharma 24 JAN 2018 AT 13:43

Clean the dust of Sadness
with a Broom of Happiness.


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Nikhil Sharma 21 JAN 2018 AT 18:06

I want to live in a home
that is made up of all aspects
of Human Life and
would be like our Earth.


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