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Nesrin Aykac YESTERDAY AT 19:07


Love's the magic between two people,
An undetachable bond
may last until the death.
If its worth isn't understood,
It turns to the knife
doesn't fit in any sheath.


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Nesrin Aykac YESTERDAY AT 14:35

The things achieved by one's own efforts are more valuable than the other things inherited. Easy come, easy go.


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Nesrin Aykac 3 OCT AT 9:11

I got tired of writing.
I sad goodbye at the end.
Farewell my followers.


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Nesrin Aykac 2 OCT AT 22:07

The sun and the sea...
Two old inseperable
lovers always we used to see.
Each day they wake up
and embrace each other.
Sometimes they play
hide and seek together...
The Sun hides amongst the clouds,
the other seeks her by crying loud...
At the end, in this big space,
with  crazy sparkling waves
and  fiery shinings, they embrace.


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Nesrin Aykac 2 OCT AT 16:01

Life doesn't always
throw you lemons,
it throws roses.


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Nesrin Aykac 1 OCT AT 15:02

I don't think that there's a correlation between being hasty and happiness. On the contrary, being slow gives you the opportunity of enjoying life more. More pleasure more happiness... I like to be slow and silent like a turtle. I want to enjoy all the beauties of life, smelling all odours the nature has, seeing everything crossed with my road. Living a considerate, calm and silent life.
There's no use of running like a rabbit.


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Nesrin Aykac 1 OCT AT 14:49

Slow down and be calm. Being slow supports fulfilment of living all beauties of life.


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Nesrin Aykac 30 SEP AT 9:11

Wake me up like a gentle morning breeze comes from over seas; carrying smells of flowers and trees from afar, giving freshness and energy. Wake me up touching me gently, caressing my hair, whispering my name with kisses.


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Nesrin Aykac 29 SEP AT 21:07

Your lightened face lightens the night.
If I could, I would follow you, like the world follows the Sun.


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Nesrin Aykac 29 SEP AT 20:17

Leave me like a flower you
grew with compassion,
Like unheard lyrics of a poem,
written by you.
Leave me like a friend
might be remembered
all life long,
Like a lover you loved the most.
A true friend anytime you can call.
Leave me like I will leave you.



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