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Nesrin Aykac 17 MINUTES AGO

I will give a break for a while because of my works. If you miss me, my Instagram account is



Nesrin Aykac 2 HOURS AGO

is your shining presence.
You are the source of light
enlightening the night,
diminishing the dark,
Soothing and comforting...


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Nesrin Aykac 7 HOURS AGO

True success
can be achieved alone.
Team work is optional.

Team work is optional,
It isn't a guarantee of
true success


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Nesrin Aykac 7 HOURS AGO

I got more than I expected.


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Nesrin Aykac 8 HOURS AGO

Mini me ghosty👻
My mini me,👻
We love you mini me
Mommy will buy you a baby owl,
Dady will buy you a poisonous snake,
You'll grow up and scare all people
We'll be proud with you
My mini ghosty 👻
My mini ghosty 👻
We'll take you to the graveyard
to make fun of people.
Grow goody ghosty grow.👻
Grow goody ghosty grow.👻


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Nesrin Aykac 18 HOURS AGO

Time is a healing
for pains and scars,
As time goes by
we forget everything
we suffer.
Time is a cover
to efface all flaws.
Time is a witness
sees but never says.
It keeps our secrets.


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Nesrin Aykac 19 HOURS AGO

can you efface
all the tastes
you don't like?


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Nesrin Aykac 5 JUN AT 10:13

The night is
full of shining stars
like bright gems.


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Nesrin Aykac 5 JUN AT 9:23

Just a ray of sun
may burn you
or break you down
in that moment
you're sensitive.


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Nesrin Aykac 5 JUN AT 9:13

When I wake up
As light as a feather
in a good weather
I feel energetic and light
Like the birds in flight.


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