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●Personality type: ENFP ●Eternal Optimist ●Curious
Joined 2 September 2016

●Personality type: ENFP ●Eternal Optimist ●Curious
Joined 2 September 2016
7 AUG 2020 AT 3:46

Thursday, August 6th

It's when I learned
to celebrate my victory
without wishing for his loss,
I realised my love was true
and I had for ever moved on.

~ Sometimes love is acceptance


7 JAN 2020 AT 0:59

Monday, January 6th
11.11 pm

How do I not wait
for your call this birthday?
Habits do not change easily
or do they?
Will you forget to wish me first
like each year of passing decade
or you would wish
inspite of 200 days
since I last heard your voice?

~I wish, you wish


20 FEB 2019 AT 23:07

No matter how much we talk about it,
we have no idea what it feels like
each time to bid a father, son, husband a goodbye
at the possibility of never listening to that hello again
to see our entire life torn apart into two pieces
while not even having it full in first place.



15 FEB 2019 AT 20:59

Friday, February 15th
11.11 pm

I baked brownies today. Gluten free, sugar free, crumbly and cakey; just the way you would like it. For the first time I added walnuts too without you reminding me to do so. Nevertheless, I would pick them off, because I still hate walnuts unlike you. Funny, how we get reminded of eensy details about someone, when they are no longer a significant part of our lives.

I am sure you would remember how passionately I would talk about having my own bakery business. Lately I had found my love for cooking and baking, and talking about it to you would feel as soulful as gorging myself with double chocolate chip, nut free fudgy brownies. But do you remember how we were not on conversing terms the last time I had baked a few, and you hadn't even tasted a bite?

~ Do you get reminded of me, everytime you eat brownies too?


8 FEB 2019 AT 16:47

February 8th, 2019
11.11 am

I am trying to get over you as you believe I would someday.

People would ask me "Why have I stopped writing, been so long?" And I would answer them "I have been keeping busy."
Truly, I was busy writing my days and nights with your being. Over the period of three years, we not just shared our laughter, insecurities, tears and emotional burdens with each other, but also the pieces of our souls. Being the inexpressive person you are, I would feel the luckiest to see your soul naked yet comfortable with mine. And being the super expressive I am, I would drive you crazy yet amazed by the strength of my one-sided love.

Today we are done writing our last bits in the mails. I am yet again saving the emails in the "you are best friend" folder, as I would save all of our WhatsApp chats. A part of me still believes we will read these together and laugh out loud on what we had thought to be the end. A part of me still believes my love will give you strength to move past your insecurities that you are not good enough. A part of me still wishes on 11.11 for us to be together. A part of me still believes my belief will win over yours.

~ Yours always.


18 SEP 2017 AT 20:59

Monday, September 18th
11.11 pm

Beneath my slience
my ignorance
my straight face
and unaffected gaze,
lies a beating creature
the one who owns your pain
and makes it weigh heavier,
each time I compare it to mine.
I can feel the soreness crawling
into each pore of my flesh and soul.

~ If only I could tell you.
~ If only you cared to know.


15 SEP 2017 AT 12:21

"Beautiful eyes", they complimented her.

"Thank you (need a shoulder to cry on)", the tormented soul replied.


2 SEP 2017 AT 16:02

Saturday, September 2nd
11.11 pm

Of all your sentences my mind plays on loop,
"It won't work" tops the list of most played.
Maybe because you have said it hundreds of times.
Or may be because my heart is done with skipping millions of beats listening to it each time and has become numb.

A part of me wishes to believe in "It won't work"

~ Hopeful


9 JUN 2017 AT 0:10

Thursday, June 8th
11.11 pm

Let me behold those wounds of yours
which you fear to show up.
For the last time you permitted someone in,
they were left open to dry on their own
after a few stroking and kissing of course.

For I'll not try to heal them
I know you can do that on your own.
If only, these are gazed upon as stars
and not as hurdles in errands
to seek even more perfect and brighter spots.

And my love, I see a warrior in you
with his own slices of ups and downs.
And wounds that aren't meant to be camouflaged
rather ought to be worn proudly as they are.

I would love to wear these with you.


7 JUN 2017 AT 13:47

"I love tasting your mood in the evening tea"

The way you pour it all at once such that some of it slides down the edge of the cup and you don't wipe it off, when you are in a hurry.

The way you don't care to balance that extra quarter spoon of tea leaves or that extra milk, when something is bothering you.

And the way you take two minutes more than usual to simmer it, when you are happy and want the tea to be as perfect as your day.

Do you taste my mood in the way I slurp it too?


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