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Naina Kataria 23 DEC 2017 AT 16:41

In a world that tried to define my existence between closed thighs and pursed lips, I learned to open up. I learned to do that because even though congested corners hold me better than open playgrounds ever will, opening up taught me how to breathe. It taught me how to drink away the smoke that is blown at me, like it never existed.


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Naina Kataria 7 NOV 2017 AT 11:51

//Just another sad poem//
Tonight I wish to cry
Tonight I wish to write
just another sad poem about
everything I survived
everything I'm tired of
everything that took me away
from me
Tonight I wish to sink
in every shred of gloom that tried
to dissolve me
I was never good at swimming anyway.
I wish to stop disguising my pain
midst similes and metaphors
and put it out the way it's been

So, tonight, I'll drench this poem
like every other one
in sorrow
Except that
it's day right now
I got no tears left


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Naina Kataria 7 NOV 2017 AT 11:47

you calling me bold
has never been a compliment
when you say i'm bold
you're saying that i'm the only sheep
that left the herd
to taste the grass on the other mountain
the only sheep that thought of an existence
that was more than just shedding wool
the only sheep that asked if
shepherds were needed at all

when you say i'm bold
you underline the normal that lies
beneath an italicized spine
normal for you is hiding your pads
behind a plastic burqa
normal for you is the curfew that won't tell you
what deserted streets whisper at 2AM
normal for you is
"too much growth yaa, i'll wear jeans instead"

so when you say i'm bold
my normal clashes with yours
(and then) some of you decide to crush me
(while) the rest of you raise me to the heavens
when all i ever wanted was
to exist


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Naina Kataria 12 OCT 2017 AT 12:52

The first time we spoke
He asked me
'what's your poison?'
I did not know he meant to ask
What I liked to drink
So I ended up thinking of all the times
I leapt at something that could kill me
Yet I couldn't get enough of it
Something that emptied my insides
Yet quenched my soul
Something that came like spring
And left like autumn
Something that hurt
Yet healed
He asked me what my poison was
And I replied


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Naina Kataria 1 OCT 2017 AT 20:25

And as today's sun sets,
Let it not scare you
of the demons of the night
But let it tell you what it's like
To find without seeking.
Let the night teach you
About the bitter love it brings along
Love of mysticism, mystery and misery.

Let these not scare you
These inevitable truths
hidden by
the farce called
Happily ever after

Let them not scare you
For the night is a blessing
For the angels wouldn't get sleep
If there was no night
For Satan wouldn't come alive
And paint this world
With his shades of black.


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Naina Kataria 1 OCT 2017 AT 20:10

How do you live with this
steps in the puddle
your face in
a thousand shades of

How do you live with this
lungs dying
for oxygen
writhing for smoke

How do you live with this
heart of golden stone
bursts; sheds

How do you live with this
water; washing wounds yet
leaving you frozen

How do you live with this constant


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Naina Kataria 1 OCT 2017 AT 14:43

A lot of the time
i watch me turn
Into a havoc against the calm

A lot of the time
i watch me rise,
sinking in oblivion

A lot of the time
i see me smile
upside down

A lot of the time
i blossom
in my own barrenness


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Naina Kataria 30 SEP 2017 AT 21:57

There are times when I become desperate to write something and words don't come to me.
That, to me, is the most frustrating thing.
To feel things around me and not be able to capture how I feel.
To have my mind burst into a thousand thoughts one moment and be completely blank the next.
To see poetry all around me but not be able to make one myself.
I know this is just a phase.
Maybe I'm overthinking.
Maybe , while searching for poems around me, I'm becoming one myself.


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Naina Kataria 30 SEP 2017 AT 21:55

I sometimes wonder what it would be like
had I not started to write.
What would have happened
Had I not found solace in words
Had drowning my thoughts in ink 
And bleeding my soul out on paper
Not been a source of comfort.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like
To be a lost soul, lurking in the shadows of conventions
Not knowing that there’s a vast sky of opportunities beyond them,
What if I hadn’t known the ecstasy
Of letting my transient, tangible being
Be affected by the perennial, intangible thoughts
Of an unknown person in a distant land.

I sometimes wonder what if I hadn’t known
The bliss of baring myself
And letting words do their magic on me
By piercing through my soul and sinking into veins
And resting in me for as long as I lived.


Naina Kataria 30 SEP 2017 AT 0:56

It is weird how we have
For so many years
Labelled parts of our bodies
As private
How our clothes are stitched
Our manners defined
All with respect to them
Why else would a 5-year old be told to keep her legs together?



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