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Myra Nizami YESTERDAY AT 11:56

|क्यों मैं मुझ सी नही रही, सुनो ये बात तो समझाओ|
||हुआ कैसा यह असर तुम्हारा, ज़रा मुझे भी बताओ||


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Myra Nizami 7 DEC AT 10:57

|तेरी खुशबू है, असर तो करेगी|
||जब तलक मैं हूँ, बसर तो करेगी||


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Myra Nizami 7 DEC AT 10:23

|सुना है तहरीरों में तुम्हारी, हमारा ही ज़िक्र हुआ करता है|
||फिर क्यों हमारी आंखों कि लिखावट, समझ पाते नहीं तुम||


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Myra Nizami 6 DEC AT 18:11

|जब हर तरफ चर्चे उठे इश्क़ और मोहब्बत के|
||नाम तेरा भी मेरी ग़ज़लों में तब सुना सभी ने था||


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Myra Nizami 4 DEC AT 18:49

|न दिखा मुझे "जाना" तेरे ज़ालिम होने की हदें|
||बेखबर है अभी, मेरे सब्र की इंतेहा से तू||


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Myra Nizami 30 NOV AT 18:46

When you feel,
That there's nothing left to laugh...
That there's nothing to be happy...
That you are the only one you have...
That life is meaningless...
That each breath is a burden...
That everyday is more difficult that yesterday...

There's still one thing that lets you going,
Yes, its HOPE...


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Myra Nizami 27 NOV AT 16:36

"To Love is joy ",he said.

"To be Loved is bliss"I replied.


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Myra Nizami 25 NOV AT 18:10


"what are you doing?",he asked.

"Do you care to know?",I replied, angrily.

"Of course I do.",he said.

"Yeah, and that's why you were so lost in other girls in class today",I replied, sadly.

"Myra, you are being Jealous",he said.

And, I was speechless.
He won again.


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Myra Nizami 22 NOV AT 18:19

"You know of no Love, and
no magic",they said.

"I know of Books",replied
the lonely last-bench booknerd.


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Myra Nizami 15 NOV AT 20:16

Strange, isn't it?

That building walls,
And breaking walls,
Of our heart,
Depends on
If heart is broken,
Or is built....



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