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Joined 14 August 2017
Myra Nizami 18 AUG AT 17:28

And that rich fragrance and dark colour of henna which mesmerized everyone around, faded by her tears...

Because, it had actually replaced the pen in her hand...


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Myra Nizami 11 AUG AT 22:23

To Daddy,

I am not afraid
Of that silent
Or those lonely
Or all the fears
That are engrossed
In my mind.
For, in my heart,
And in my mind,
I carry you,
My will, My strength,
And a hope,
That you will never
Ever leave my hand.



Stay blessed 💖

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Myra Nizami 4 AUG AT 16:06

From being Tom and Jerry,
To being Doraemon and Nobita.

From being Oggy and Cockroaches,
To being Oswald and Vinnie.

Yes! Some relations are
More than anything.


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Myra Nizami 30 JUL AT 13:05

Late night, exams days.

"Want some help", he said.

"Tell me what help?",I asked.

"Explain me the whole syllabus briefly",he said.

"Are you mad? Why didn't you study",I said, angrily.

"I did", he replied.

"Then?", I asked.

"wanna hear your voice now",he said.

And, I was speechless.
He won again.


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Myra Nizami 28 JUL AT 17:43

A cup of coffee,
Good book,
And me.


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Myra Nizami 27 JUL AT 19:56

"You're looking beautiful", he said, seeing her,
in her wedding attire.

Her happiness had no limits...

For her stubborn brother
had praised her,
For the first time...


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Myra Nizami 26 JUL AT 15:46

آئینا بھی یہ کیا دکھا پائےگا تجھے
مری آنکھون می دکھ کیا لاجواب ہے تو


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Myra Nizami 25 JUL AT 12:28


Looking down,
I walk briskly
with books and
Assignment sheets
In my hand,
to the corner table
Where I always sit.

He comes out
from behind
the racks,
pushes me
and all my sheets
fall on the floor.

"Sorry", he says
with a smile,
And helps me
Collect them.

How do I study now?


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Myra Nizami 20 JUL AT 19:58

And when
You begin to realize

What's broken
*Can't be mended*

What's lost
*Can't be found*

You finally become


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Myra Nizami 12 JUL AT 14:54


Looking for
A book
In the book racks.

As I find it,
And take it out,
I see him standing
On the other side
Of the rack
another book.

He sees me,
And then
Smiles at me.

How do I study now?


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