Mr Imperfect (Bibhuti)

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Listen, IDGAF anymore.

I don't reveal my dreams, my words tell people how to dream ❤

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Mr Imperfect 8 HOURS AGO

Her words say maybe it's love
But my feelings say I have
fallen for her, it's quite profound.


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Mr Imperfect 22 HOURS AGO

There is a world trying to burn
your pages,
You better make the story
a home.


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Mr Imperfect YESTERDAY AT 20:27

I love all the little ways you
make me feel like we know
each other since ages.


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Mr Imperfect YESTERDAY AT 12:38

Single ?

Someone wants me to beg for her presence but doesn't dare to stare into my eyes, she often say words that force me to think "what if she is the one; the girl of my dreams" And, the very next moment she ceases to make me wonder, and everything comes to full circle.
I am stuck on her, her innocence. But what if she likes someone else, what if she is just wasting my time.
I revolve around what and when for she never fails to amaze me, and I wonder seeing hope in her eyes. She sometimes fails to read my gestures, and I suffocate a little bit inside thinking to be indifferent towards her, but what if she really likes me, what if the beginning is yet to come. What to do, what if she would ruin me, what if everything is running well, I am stuck.


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Mr Imperfect 19 FEB AT 20:19

Dream in three words :

"Dream before dreaming"


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Mr Imperfect 19 FEB AT 14:28

Someone makes you insomniac
Someone relieves your insomnia

One who does both is
"The one who deserves you"


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Mr Imperfect 19 FEB AT 0:32

"What is perfect as well as doesn't make sense ?"

"Our Forever" he said gloomily.

"Your fear of losing me" she exclaimed.


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Mr Imperfect 16 FEB AT 21:41

Reading her eyes became my compulsion,
Little did I know, I was learning an art.


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Mr Imperfect 16 FEB AT 18:56

Hold on to broken hopes
and feel them deeply, be there.
Soon you'll realize nothing is
scattered as you assume,
It's just the reflection of the
fear of failure and vulnerability.
Only the idea of being broken
is causing you to remain


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Mr Imperfect 16 FEB AT 13:37

Meet me in your poetry, you might fall for me like
never before...
Meet me in your dreams, you won't get hurt in reality,
Meet me in your heart, you'll find enough of me,
Meet me in these places, and chase me
if I deserve !


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