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भारतीय 🇮🇳 23 ♂️
Highly Sensitive.
Joined 25 March 2017
Bibhuti S 18 HOURS AGO

what kind of poetry are you,
I'm falling into nowhere.


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Bibhuti S 19 APR AT 18:51

And it's magical the way she saves
me from the demons of my fantasy,
I wonder, is this she who is doing the healing
work or my mind is lost in the illusion "she
is my first choice and my last


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Bibhuti S 16 APR AT 18:19

you made me write my debut poetry book


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Bibhuti S 14 APR AT 17:52

And they both fell for the
illusion of love.

One by anticipating "forever"
because of his ecstatic

And another by perceiving their
"friendship" as a way to
her heart.

Alas! They ended up in regret.
She realized the importance
of "now", and he became more


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Bibhuti S 7 APR AT 22:37

I imagine your face
and see flowers coming out
of nothingness;
Camouflaging all my unsaid words
and making me realize waiting for
you is itself a realization that I seek
in "US".


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Bibhuti S 7 APR AT 19:11

Everywhere I went I felt "us"
The serenity of all your unsaid words,
An aura has formed around them
Which makes me feel that you're beside
me holding my hands, I feel light...
and all of a sudden that place becomes an utopia
where your memories get refreshed,
allowing me to drop the concept of "time".


Omnipresent Love #everywhereiwent

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Bibhuti S 6 APR AT 22:30

Waiting, waiting, waiting.
love or infatuation ?
But it's pure.


Yes it's pure. #soulmate #333poem

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Bibhuti S 5 APR AT 12:16

Writing makes me feel
like I'm transcending
into the realm of possibility.


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Bibhuti S 4 APR AT 23:31

And today memories
of you
found its graveyard.


Goodbye forever #323poem

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Bibhuti S 4 APR AT 14:51

Let yourself go with the flow, be effortless, and open your heart, mind and life to change; dare to take risk. There are things you can't stop but you can stop yourself from getting affected by them with the power of positivity and words; trust your higher self, expand your mind. Acceptance is the key to move on, accept yourself and the current situation, accept the people around you, and by doing so you will experience a beautiful change, a spontaneity in your life. Everything happens for a reason, and know that this is happening to make you learn something, to make you let go of something which is causing you to dwell in ignorance and misery, embrace uncertainty, know that something good is gonna happen. Nothing lasts forever, this too shall pass, so be patient and keep nurturing hope. The moment when you feel mentally and emotionally drained, say to yourself "It has begun, it has begun, good things take time".


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