Moumita Das (Moumi4ever)

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Moumita Das 2 HOURS AGO

Trying really hard every single day
To cushion the scars within..
To dilute the pain through tears... and ink...

My buffering to suppress the sting has come to terms with "continuous tense" ....


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Moumita Das 6 HOURS AGO

My favourite emoji is 💞 and 😍

I love to receive them 😃.
I feel the person, I am sending it to, smiles after reading...
Even if it's for a fraction of a second..


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Moumita Das 21 HOURS AGO

With the warmth of your thoughts,
My room becomes cozy and I can sleep like i am in my cocoon..

My perfect room temperature... Cozy and warm..


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Moumita Das 22 HOURS AGO

You can pen down your thoughts in a diary..
But the document starts breathing when your words dance with your smiles and wipe off your tears..

The rhythm of your thoughts becomes music when poems are created..


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Moumita Das YESTERDAY AT 18:11

To the world...
I can still live the memories spent on the sofa...
How we used to fight.. over remotes, chocolates, debates... And all trivial issues..
You are not my little brother now.. you are a responsible person who can take a bullet for me..
the same way I used to from Dad, sitting on this sofa.. to save you from his rebukes..
Hey, will catch up with the memories together brother.. very soon..


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Moumita Das YESTERDAY AT 2:31

Leave my handbag aside,
Call up my maa "I have reached home.." and talk to her for sometime... a childhood habit can't and don't want to let go..
Settle in my couch and browse my phone ... make few calls, if I missed to during the day...


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Moumita Das YESTERDAY AT 1:34

The girl who ate books..

Her life was a simple one and she could happily survive on a two course meal..

An entree of a platter of short stories.. and then a desert of carefully stirred tender and sweet love stories or poems...


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Moumita Das YESTERDAY AT 22:58

With glances exchanged and smiles reciprocated....

Stories are created along the track... in metro..


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Moumita Das 16 FEB AT 18:54

Itna bhi aasaan nahi hai..

Yuhi muskuraana..
Jab Dil mein ek jung si chhidi ho..
Aur aansuo ko mukhouta ki talash ho...


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Moumita Das 16 FEB AT 14:39

"I will miss our fights, I will long for holding your hands in my anxiety, I will never forget our evenings over our favourite tunes.."..
I could just write them down but my lips could only say...

"If life has plans, our paths may cross again. Stay well !"


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