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Joined 18 December 2017
Moumita Das YESTERDAY AT 21:16

Who captures the real me.. without any filter..
You are the camera I can't hide from..


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Moumita Das 19 AUG AT 1:42

The tired soul and the frail strength need a little more time to heal..
The weekend should have been longer,
To soak in laze - silent yet a soothing note..


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Moumita Das 19 AUG AT 1:31

Zindagi tujhse ishq hai...

Tujhse naata todhne ka iraada
Beshaq kaafi baar huyi hai..
Lekin ansu ke saath
Jo thodisi Khushi bhi le aati hai tu..
Iraada badal sa jaata hai..

Zindagi tujhse ishq hai..
Kuchh pal aur bitaana baaki hai..
Kuchh samjhauta bhi baaki hai..
Kuchh nagmein tujhse sunna baaki hai..
Kuchh kahaani tujhe sunaana baaki hai..


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Moumita Das 18 AUG AT 18:41

We are the millennials but your words, through years, have built one of the pillars that laid foundation of our homes. The homes where we weep, laugh, crawl, run, sing and write. The homes where we celebrate silence and healing.
They are not mere verses, they are the arrays of pride passed on by our families..and grew richer with tender care..

Some of your words brought wonderful introspection like always... pierced through many hearts.. mine too..
'Books just peep through the closed shelves now.. looks outside with all the awe.. '
"Kitaabein jhaakti hai bandh almaari ke sheesho sein,
Badi hasrat se taakti hai..."
We will carry these verses for life on our sleeves..with responsibility and love...
It's an honor to wish you a very happy birthday !


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Moumita Das 17 AUG AT 14:08

Tujhko sop Diya Maine

Apni khaamoshi ke hawaale,
Tere hi khayaalo ke hawaale
Anjaan raasto ke chouraaho ke hawaale
Adhuri hi sahi lekin behad Khaas sapno ke hawaale..


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Moumita Das 17 AUG AT 3:20

Two souls' dreams twinned,
Destiny played the sorcery..
"See you again" survived !


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Moumita Das 16 AUG AT 22:54

When you feel wrecked within, want to fly off somewhere unknown but can just crawl.
When you start counting happiness and the people who you called
'My Mains' once.
One notification, one conversation and few words are the
Music to the ears.

"Count me in your mains".

You feel few hearts have been picked up for you. You feel things change with time. Few become more loving and few get hazy. But some flow through your blissful journey and play the music that pleases your soul.
Your choky voice can just utter
"Thank you ! Just give me a shout !"


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Moumita Das 14 AUG AT 1:39

Stop, take a second and look at them..
Do they want to move at all..
Is there a little intent?
Be it the slightest one..

If you see the thirst in them
A thirst to move.. Don't hesitate!
Heal them, heal yourself, heal hope..
And move ahead holding their hands..

If there is no desire in them to move,
Tell them -
"My eyes will still wait for your steps" -
And move forward...
But never bury your hope..


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Moumita Das 12 AUG AT 23:05

Few things are always there..
Few hearts have the same rhythm..
Few moments do not change..
The name kept dropping the list of messages..
You gave up trying..
It kept sinking in the log,
And finally got drowned,
In the 'good old days' reminiscence..
I used to think,
It's colourful for few little things..
But I was wrong,
Only grey is omnipresent, unfathomed..


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Moumita Das 12 AUG AT 11:12

Flowing in its own glory..
Yet never leaving the bank alone..
Through ripples through tides through quietness..
Bank is your boon companion..
And the edges know it all..

You're like a river,
And the edges are always there..
Through lives and ages...


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