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Joined 23 December 2018
26 MAR AT 20:50

I'm not afraid of being alone.
I've got used to loneliness.
It's been part of me
since long time ago.
-"Befriending solitude"/26.03.2023


28 FEB AT 6:54

I beg your pardon
Is that my name
you send to the sky
whenever you pray?
Is that me
that you really want to spend time with,
to color your every minutes?
I beg your pardon
But you have left my cup empty
since you decide to give up
on me.
-"I beg your pardon"- 23.02.23


13 FEB AT 19:25

X: What's so magical about love?
Y: It is the only thing that keeps me going.


10 FEB AT 6:56

You would never know
how proud I am
to walk beside you,
listen to the story on how you're proud of me too.
The way you smile
after you finish all the lines,
while looking at me.
I still feel the love in your eyes.
-"Love is waiting on the corner of your heart"/06.02.2023-


3 FEB AT 10:37

I don't want you,
... Not anymore.
I no longer love you
like I used to be.

Let's take our separate ways.
But still keep an eye
of each other
from afar.



28 JAN AT 21:09

I get it, Love.
And I will learn
to accept it.
The distance you've made
is the answer
that my heart has waited.
Even so,
I will never stop loving you,
and pray for you
from a distance.


10 JAN AT 18:52

Let all the memories
sinked in
or washed away
by time.


28 DEC 2022 AT 11:26

Still typing your name
on my phone.
Although I know
you'll never be there
to answer my heart
that feels alone.


26 DEC 2022 AT 7:58

I wouldn't forget
... Naa, not that easily.
So, I'll carry
... I'll carry it
with me.
... within me.


8 DEC 2022 AT 15:13

Stop devaluing yourself
by talking to those
who never listen.
Make a distance.
Search for your own peace.


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