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Joined 23 December 2018
19 APR AT 19:49

Do I write for likes?
No, I don't.
I write because it is the only way to speak to you.


6 APR AT 13:07

Why do I feel so broken?
While there is no red string attached to our little fingers.


21 MAR AT 17:36

Dear you,
There was a time
she filled your empty glass
with kindness and laughter.
A time when you loved her so much,
and wanted her in your life.


15 MAR AT 7:39

The pain of the past will never kill you.
It is bearable.
It will end soon,
without you knowing.

Trust me.


15 MAR AT 7:22

In one of the chapters of my life
you can see
how a stranger
becomes the one,
and from the only one
to no longer part of mine.


14 MAR AT 11:12

Part of her still wants him badly,
but she is only one of the chapters of his book.
She knows...
She's better off alone.


12 MAR AT 19:17

I may not be able to fly,
but my mind has wings of its own.
Those wings bring me closer to my goals.


9 MAR AT 19:13

Some women carry homes, loves, and lives
on their shoulders.
You can't live without them.


3 MAR AT 19:18

At my lowest
I see the true color
of those people around me.
Some carry knives,
some other carry loves.
Both are waiting
the right time
to attack me.


2 MAR AT 13:43

Our eyes met,
and sent the words
we couldn't say.
-"Goodbye, Love."/01.03.2024-


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