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"Of all that is written, I love only what a man has written with his blood" - Nietzsche
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"Of all that is written, I love only what a man has written with his blood" - Nietzsche
Joined 1 December 2016
10 JAN AT 17:53

Just as the day turned its back,
the milk boiled over
from the pot of moon


29 NOV 2020 AT 21:28

The world slices me
into identities
Feeds on me with the
three-pronged fork of time
Chews me up,
and spits me out


30 OCT 2020 AT 13:15

Freshly cut long-stem flowers
that were swaying freely with the wind
just moments ago
Now standing upright in a vase
with tiny handles on both sides
Seemed to me like the statue of a soldier
in his uniform with shoulder flaps
Who died to protect
the boundaries of my scared self,
that knows no other way
of belonging to the world
than to possess it
The emanating fragrance
suddenly nauseating me


6 SEP 2020 AT 19:35

Long long telephone wires
stretched out like measuring tapes
for human loneliness

In rambling conversations,
a unit of it marked
by an uncomfortable pause

Perched upon these wires,
pleasantly chirping birds

As their scissor-like beaks
cut through the chaotic silence,

stitching up hearts
torn by worldly woes


3 JUN 2020 AT 23:16

When you find yourself
making up elaborate explanations,
apply Occam's razor
to find the likeliest answer
For instance, if you are
not in love anymore,
it's because you never were


1 JUN 2020 AT 11:47

There are times when I find myself
slipping away from this world
But there's always something
that keeps me anchored
The hook of a looming question mark
The tiny hand of my newborn nephew
wrapped around my finger
Or my finger caught
in the hinge of a closing door


31 MAY 2020 AT 9:50

Lust is like having bottled honey, ready to be gobbled.
Love is to extract it from the beehive of your heart, at the risk of driving the bees mad.


30 MAY 2020 AT 15:53

have the herd instinct
of crows
Seeing one feeding
on your heart,
others join
to play their part


30 MAY 2020 AT 12:52

Dear S.......,

I have this habit of scribbling the first letter of your name in random places. And as I stare at it, my gaze transforms it into a painting as colored by your memories. At times into a beautiful swan and other times into a hooded snake.


30 MAY 2020 AT 8:47

My soul at night,
a war zone, with
sleep gone AWOL
Explosions of memories
The rotating fan
keeps the helicopter
of my gaze hovering
I dread the moment
it would stop spinning
when the power goes out
Making my gaze
plummet into itself


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