meghna minhas (Craziness)

meghna minhas 15 FEB AT 19:35

As I watch her dress up..
After all my son, her husband, a soldier was returning..
A newly wed wife's dreams were in making..
I've lived long enough I think..
As we sit awaiting his return..
Day turns into night..
That's when we are told..
He would return home..
But in the box we never wished to see him in..
That's the story of our life now..
A newly wed girl who's dreams were in making are all dead now..
Just like my son..


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meghna minhas 14 FEB AT 8:24

To this day I find no one who could love me the way you did..
And so..
I still search in the crowd for a love like yours..


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meghna minhas 31 JAN AT 0:32

I sleep in his arms..
Finally at peace I feel..
Not because we made love..
But because we were now officially together and that wasn't a sin according to our petty Indian society..
"Congratulations to us" we laughed..
As we celebrated our wedding..


meghna minhas 31 JAN AT 0:22

He told me how much he loved me..
He told me everything..
But never told me..
I was his temporary hold..
While his family found the perfect match for him..


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meghna minhas 31 JAN AT 0:16

The words I put down..
Have been the loudest of the silent cries..

The words bring joy now..
As I shed my tears of sorrow and joy through words..

Anyone can be a writer..
But not everyone is chosen by the universe of words..


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meghna minhas 30 JAN AT 10:19

Life didn't accept me..
Will you accept me Death..?


meghna minhas 30 JAN AT 10:16

I lay my head on his bare chest..
Looking at him sleep..
After a night spent together..
The joy I feel is just like that of a child..
The joy for me is..
Having him this close to me..


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meghna minhas 29 JAN AT 12:38

One small crack can break mansions..
Ours was after all a relationship..


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meghna minhas 29 JAN AT 12:35

The physical closeness couldn't reduce the emotional distance we had..


meghna minhas 28 JAN AT 12:43

Rape and molestation now became..
Sexual relationship..


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