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Manthan Talekar 27 NOV AT 23:33

he used to
rest in his armchair,
swinging in the balcony,
facing the wind.

and i had a knack
to listen to his
rather unusual

the kind of stories
you possibly wouldn't
get to learn
at school.

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Manthan Talekar 24 NOV AT 23:06

'there's a
last time
for everything.'
they say.

i look up
at you
and hope
it's not true.


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Manthan Talekar 22 NOV AT 23:28

there's a place, called 'beginning'.
and there's another one called 'ending'.

and all the things that matter,
lie amidst the journey
between these two!


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Manthan Talekar 19 NOV AT 12:38

crayon in
a colourbox.

blank spaces
the words.

a dot
in the

in seven


that matter
the most.


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Manthan Talekar 9 NOV AT 23:02

have you
ever really

how much
art can

and how much
it is not
allowed to.


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Manthan Talekar 1 NOV AT 21:17

asked me
last night
why do i write.

it reminded
me of how
i loved you.

close enough;
yet from afar.
you did not
know, did you?

that's exactly
why i chose
to write.
and to hope.

to hope
that somehow
my poetry
will make it.

to the places
i couldn't.
or maybe
to you!


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Manthan Talekar 30 OCT AT 22:20

at times,
you fall
in love with
a stranger at
the first sight;

but tell me
why does it often
take a lifetime
to fall in love
with yourself?


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Manthan Talekar 25 OCT AT 23:48

all of this
pain comes
from the fact;

that our
regret of

is greater
than our
of having it.

and sadly,
the same
goes for
people too.


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Manthan Talekar 21 OCT AT 23:43

and just like
these stars,
falling faraway;

your heart too,
is filled up
with wishes.

wishes made
on nights
like this!


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Manthan Talekar 13 OCT AT 14:05

amidst the monday meetings
and the tuesday conferences,
the wednesday workshops
and the thursday trainings,
the friday presentations
and the saturday seminars;

i've these warm sunday afternoons
when i think about all the other days
i didn't do all these things,
and didn't go to all these places.

and there's this question
that i fear having an answer to -
of how all of this time now
is only meant for doing
rather important things,
like maybe work?


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