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Manthan Talekar 15 AUG AT 22:38

it's sad;
at the end
of the day,
people are just

and maybe
sadder that
you yourself
can be one
of them.


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Manthan Talekar 11 AUG AT 2:17

i pretend
to be okay
with these
weights that
i've to carry -

failures, and
the unending

yet it's strange
how nothing
is what
feels to be
the heaviest.


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Manthan Talekar 21 JUL AT 22:23

it happened too soon.

(read full poem in caption)


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Manthan Talekar 29 JUN AT 22:47

some people come.
some people go.

and then
there are those
who may go,
but never leave.

in the end,
it all comes down
to them.


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Manthan Talekar 19 JUN AT 22:23

in the blur that this
passing time is,
which of your achievements
and how many of your
really matter?

you've explored the stars
and the depths of ocean,
but tell me, how much is it
that you know about
your own existence?
about your own self?


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Manthan Talekar 9 JUN AT 0:13

you know
how these stars
burn and fall?

with their light
in the dead
of the night;

i have seen
my dreams

shooting stars!


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Manthan Talekar 1 JUN AT 23:53

out of every
love story,
the most tragic
turns out
to be the one
where in,
you love yourself,
yet couldn't
love yourself back.


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Manthan Talekar 28 MAY AT 22:50

'can i ask you something?'
'why don't you talk like before anymore?'
"what did i talk about before?"
'everything and nothing'
"something what?"
'something good'
"tell me...what's good?"
'good is what makes me smile'
"what makes you smile?"
'talking with you.'


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Manthan Talekar 21 MAY AT 23:39

isn't it ironic?
at times,
you think
you want
to quit.

while what
you really want
to do is
start all over


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Manthan Talekar 17 MAY AT 23:31

it's sad that
you spend
a lifetime

for incomplete
a last touch.
a last sight of
undying love.
an unsaid goodbye.

it's sad that
people leave,
and don't
turn back.

and it's sadder
that you realize
much later;
how waiting
a lifetime,
wasn't worth it.


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