Ks Shruti (Shruti kashibhatla)

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Ks Shruti 14 NOV AT 20:00

I Know it's been years since we have hugged each others like we used to ,
It's been years since we have shared secrets,
And Kept promises with the shooting stars,
But still I have that sweet fragrance of our innocent friendship in deep down my heart,
Still whenever I get emotional ,
I try your tricks to get myself motivated,
Coz the way you used to ,
No other one can with so much tenderness and ease.
Even if our paths haven't met for years,
But let me tell you ,
you can still find me down the lane where our paths separated,
Let me assure you in this world of selfishness ,
We can still have our own little world of happiness, sharing and love filled over,

And lastly I hope I would still find you someday searching for me,
though lately yet mesmerizing it would be
to embrace our ways together,
and still it will be the best feeling to have your shoulder that I can cry upon without hesitation!!!!


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Ks Shruti 31 OCT AT 18:37

Walking through the aisle of life,
I realised how many things I have crossed,
I entered without knowing anything and everything around me,
But still managed to get known by everyone,
I started walking through the paths that were before me , with of course holding my father's hand ,
It was as if a angel is leading me to every obstacles that came,
But then I realized I have fallen down even when my angel hadn't noticed,
I got strucked between choices and people's ,
and got myself hurt ,
even though my heart was broken down I stood again,
I stood again for my angel who always wanted to protect me even if he got hurt,
But still I can see there is long long way to go ,
And even if they say I am the weak ,
Then also I know how strong I have been through times that have been not faithful to me,
I know how shamelessly I have broken down my barriers ,
to stand where I am today ,
and only I know how I managed ,
to walk this far ,
through the aisle of life !!!


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Ks Shruti 31 OCT AT 18:17

Anger is not always a choice but it's definitely the best option to hide your tears !!!!


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Ks Shruti 21 SEP AT 9:46

If I were a ghost then definitely :
1. I would like to read the minds of people's to know their thoughts about me馃馃!!
2. I would like to scare the hell out of people who betrayed me, or hurt me in my lifetime!!!
3. I would like to be able to let people speak truth who always lied to me馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ !!!
4. I would like to enter into a famous super stars life and enjoy all the luxuries 馃槑馃槑馃槑馃槑!!!
5. I would like to be the safeguard of my favourite people in their life !!!


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Ks Shruti 21 SEP AT 9:37

When a blind can find his path in this world then why can't we ???
It's not always necessary to get offended or find excuses, sometimes it's all about finding a solution and get rid of the problems!!!


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Ks Shruti 20 SEP AT 20:33

Put your mind before you put your actions before the world!!!!


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Ks Shruti 8 SEP AT 20:28

Badi muddaton ke baad unka didar hua ,
Par Dil bhi ye ziddi sa ho gya,
Jinke intezar Mei aasuon ka sailab baha diya,
Use ek baar nazrein uthakar bhi nahi dekha !!!

Hume toh phir bhi dard-e-dil tha ,
Par unki to pasand Mei hi khot tha,
Woh pyar ki kahani likhne chale the uske sath,
Jisne toh aj Tak ek shabdh bhi na likha tha!!!

Jo humse Milne ko katrate the,
Aj woh kisike dedaar Mei deewane the,
Hum bhi muskura rahe the,
Aj Inka Dil dhadak Raha hai,
aur waha unke khwabon Mei koi aur saj rahe the !!!

Kuch aisii hi tarko Mei hum ulajh gye ki ,
Unka deedar bhi hua ,
Par Dil bhi ye ziddi sa ho gya,
Jo baste the kabhi humari har nazmo Mei ,
Aj unka namo-nishan nahi hai humari kahaniyon mei!!


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Ks Shruti 22 JUL AT 19:22

Being the true self of me ,not the reflection what people intended to see!!!


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Ks Shruti 12 MAY AT 20:35

To the hollowness I have,
that I experience ,each time ,
In the midst of a crowd , or with friends of mine,
When my laughter suddenly vanishes,
As if someone has knocked me,
to come out to the reality of the dreams , I use to live in,
It's just a illusion or maybe a caution,
But something is there inside,
which walks with me to every lane I cross ,
And stops where I last stopped.

It maybe a lines of gratitude ,
Or questions of confusions,
But whatever it is ,
I am greatful ,
to the hollowness inside me,
For it always let's me to look ways ,
for my fulfillment with people, memories and stories,
so that it will be the colorful scenarios ,
One could ever dream off !!!