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Joined 17 February 2021
10 MAR AT 12:54

Achhe Vichaaro
Kai Saath


9 MAR AT 17:53

Khuab kahu ya Sachai...
Kalam jab Bhi uthai...
Teri Yaad hi aayi...


6 MAR AT 15:59

It's Look as Beautiful as You Saw..
Without a filter from your Eyes...
Which is Connected to your Brian...
Not Your Heart...


4 MAR AT 1:22


It's my Birthday, it's my birthday....


2 MAR AT 18:15

Which silently saw everyone and everything...
Without letting them know...
He soaked your All emotions...


2 MAR AT 18:12

Jise dost mana tha...


1 MAR AT 23:29

Neend aane Karan bhi tu hai...
Neend Jane karan bhi tu hai...

Aaj tak samajh na paya mai issko...
Mere dil ko todnai is Karen bhi tu hai...


27 FEB AT 18:49

Mom and Dad are the most...
Important and the
Most Powerful People
On Earth..
They are Angel's.


27 FEB AT 1:10

Nobody was there,
I told him my heart out,
He never betrayed me like one of them.
Because he is the only Gem.


26 FEB AT 20:41

To my heart and soul...


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