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Kirti Gehlawat 20 AUG AT 22:01

Eat more cake with more excitement and beautiful memories.


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Kirti Gehlawat 17 AUG AT 16:42

Smile and give them your love, time and care.


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Kirti Gehlawat 16 AUG AT 13:29

When things are feeling stressful, we start to feel like it's all bad, all the time. Every relationship has its ups and downs resulting in emotional distance, a loss of intimacy, and the death of romance. When you fall in love, you hope that the way you love will be returned to you in kind. You want your love to be reciprocated, to be unconditional, to be fulfilling. You want someone to care for you, nourish you, and cherish you in the same way you do for them. You and your partner may just love differently. That’s not to say that your partner doesn’t care for you, but maybe not in the same way you care for them. But if you feel disappointed, frustrated, and unfulfilled because you love someone more than they love you, don’t ignore it. You deserve to have a relationship that feeds you in every way.


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Kirti Gehlawat 15 AUG AT 17:55

We are not biological brother sister. Still we share almost everything. This is what a pure relationship is all about.
A very happy raksha bandhan to my brother from another mother.
There are few relationships that are guaranteed to stay with you for life, ours is one of those! Blood actually doesn't matter at all. It is all about love, trust and emotions. Some people are meant to come in your life. Some are meant to stay and some are meant to leave. But with you I feel it's permanent. It is all about the love and care we share.


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Kirti Gehlawat 13 AUG AT 10:42

Everyone belief such love only exists in fairy tales.
But then it happened. 
They happened.
We happened. 
And no one ever expected.


Thank you for all the pokes❤

#yqbaba #love #youandme #we

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Kirti Gehlawat 31 JUL AT 22:25

वो मुझे एक खूबसूरत सा ख्वाब लगता है,
मेरी अँधेरी रातों को रोशन करता आफताब लगता है,
मेरे जीवन की खुशियों का सुहाग लगता है,
हर उलझे सवाल का सुलझा जवाब लगता है,
वो मुझे मेरे जीने का नया अंदाज़ लगता है,
जिससे तरबदार हो जाना चाहूँ वो प्यास लगता है,
मेरी वीरान पडी धरती पर,
खुशियों का आसमान लगता है।
ज़िन्दगी है वो मेरी, फिर भी वह मुझको
मेरे जज़्बातों से अनजान लगता है।।


The crush story❤

#yqbaba #love

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Kirti Gehlawat 31 JUL AT 21:25

And this is when I look at him for a moment,
And a nice burning sensation races inside my body.
I meet with him in all aspects,
Once I look at him for a moment.


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Kirti Gehlawat 23 JUL AT 22:08

Just hold my hands and
Say it in my ears one more time
About the depth of your love 
As the stars dotted the river flows 
Not disturbing anybody 
Reflecting its beauty
Just hold me for the once and forever.


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Kirti Gehlawat 22 JUL AT 13:37

तेरी बाहों मे पनाह पाना,
खोकर तेरी आंखों मे,
बस तेरा होकर रह जाना।


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Kirti Gehlawat 16 JUL AT 15:45

I see you in my dreams each and every night by my side in this secret place of mine.
We go beyond the limits and reach into the sky, we do whatever we want .
In my dreams the rules do not apply.
Romantically we gaze into one and others eyes.
Only seeing the beauty of the love we share,
I then feel a kiss gently placed upon my forehead with your tender lips as I return a kiss back replacing it on your cheek.
I want you and my only wish 
is for you to want me.
I hope one day my dreams come true, 
but until then
In my dreams I'm with you.


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