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Joined 20 October 2017
Kirti Gehlawat 14 JAN AT 23:44

Happy Birthday, Handsome. Wishing you the very best life has to offer.


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Kirti Gehlawat 11 JAN AT 8:45

Keep strong love. Every moment is worth when you鈥檙e spending your time with the person you truly love and care about. Staying away from family all alone without breaks is not easy. Yes, it takes a lot of strength to be away from the only person in the whole wide world whom you chose to spend your life with. But he may not be there with me physically but he is always around in spirit. Cheers to the brave men who choose careers at sea and the women in their lives who match them in every possible way. My heart melts everytime I have to let him go back. I may not have him all the days of the year physically with me, but I do know how he is working very very hard away from us somewhere in another country just to see us happy. It requires a lot of patience, trust and understanding to face everyday of your life without his presence.
And I love him....


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Kirti Gehlawat 10 JAN AT 12:42

We live in a democratic country where any common man can go anywhere to express his opinion, there cannot be any restrictions. We live in the world that is right now nothing but a world full of lies and crime everywhere. And we live in a world where we judge people without knowing the complete sense of their deeds. We live in a world where we are boycotting a movie only for Deepika鈥檚 decision to attend the protest meeting in JNU , even though she did not utter a single word at it, and this has exasperated some people, who have now boycott her movie Chhapaak that is for sure going to be a very beautiful story. I wish people educate themselves.


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Kirti Gehlawat 5 JAN AT 14:31

Facing The Fears

(The First Time Ever Experiences, Everything During The Bali Trip)

* Standing outside the Pandawa Pool I could feel my heart in my mouth pounding. I was standing at the corner of the pool as if the water would sweep me away. I still feel shivers when I think about that day. I took a deep....urrr....deep deep breath in and got ready to go inside but the moment I put my face inside I got terrified. It is not as easy as it sounds and looks from outside.
Yes, the water, I struggled in, the water I could not float upon was not even waist deep. But as I have phobia with water bodies. So this much water appeared like sea waves to me. I felt nervous, embarrassed, but at the same time helpless. While I rested on the shoreline, I tried to think about how I was feeling鈥nd to be honest it was something I never experience before.


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Kirti Gehlawat 5 JAN AT 14:27

Facing The Fears

(The First Time Experiences, Everything During The Bali Trip)

For some people, physical and outdoors activities such as mountain climbing are not interesting. They don鈥檛 like to carry heavy backpacks, get burnt in the sun or exert physical effort. The same applies to me and opposite to him, the one who love to push my limit and see how far I can get, expand my comfort zone and generally, just continue help me becoming a better individual at any chance he can get. So during our Bali trip the opportunity came that offered us to climb a mountain (my first Mountain). I wasn't prepared for it. Finally I said yes.
It was extremely challenging. I felt pain in my knees for climbing, and not trying to fall, steep rocks and massive boulders. In between number of times I was loosing all the hopes and tried to back off but he kept on telling me "you can do this, don't give up". This is for us. He is my strength who keeps on motivating me all the times. Climbing my very first mountain was remarkable because not only the mountain I conquered myself that day.


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Kirti Gehlawat 2 NOV 2019 AT 6:31

When they ask me why do I love him so much???

When I am happy he makes me more happy. When I am sad he put efforts to make me smile. I love him because I can just be myself with him. I do not have to pretend to be anyone else for him to love me. I love him because the way that he looks at me makes me feel so special that I still get butterflies in my stomach sometimes from it. He looks at me like I am the only person in a room full of people. He is my rock.


#yqbaba #love

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Kirti Gehlawat 21 OCT 2019 AT 23:14

Some people never show what they feel inside for you. They do care about you, but never say they do. They may stay with you at your hard times without even saying anything because they know that you need them.

While those who say that they are your close ones and they cares about you. They only say they cares a lot but never find time to be with you.

So care less to have lot of people to care about you.


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Kirti Gehlawat 21 OCT 2019 AT 22:57

There is sign of this emptiness,
For which I am not waiting since long.
Is there really someone,
For whom I really belong?
I am screaming still in hopes,
Where the hell it all went wrong?
Do I still need to pretend that,
Everything is fine, I am strong?


This emptiness 馃挃

#yqbaba #love #emptiness

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Kirti Gehlawat 3 OCT 2019 AT 18:00

What other people think of you is none of your business. Be you and let go. Repeat.聽Don鈥檛 let other people rent space in your head for free.
When you're wrong admit it, when you're right be quiet.


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Kirti Gehlawat 2 OCT 2019 AT 0:37

To the stranger,

I miss you and I hope you miss me too. I know you don't even want to talk. Even you hate me. But I just want you to know that I miss you. It pains me to know that a person who I used to care so much about, and still care for, is now a total stranger. You remember you have shared your playlist with me. I am still in love with that playlist. Not because I love those songs but because you have shared your favourites with me. I had my reasons for ending things, and they are still as valid as ever, it鈥檚 just that the reasons are not so easy to forget. I聽miss the way the way you could make me happy on my worst days. I wish I could text you. Please remember I still love you.


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