Kailash Aaithan

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Kailash Aaithan 11 HOURS AGO

Sometimes we just sit together and remember those 'memories' only.


Kailash Aaithan YESTERDAY AT 11:13

खुदा भी नतमस्तक होगा,
जब तलाशना गुनाह चाहेगा
और नज़र शहादतें आएंगी


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Kailash Aaithan 10 FEB AT 7:06

Don't waste your words if your words means 'nothing' to them.


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Kailash Aaithan 31 JAN AT 1:27

Dear myself,
People will laugh behind your back coz they really don't care what you feel n think.So never let them play with your emotions n slap yourself next time before getting involve in this type of bullshit.


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Kailash Aaithan 31 JAN AT 1:12

This is the 'fight' with myself.


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Kailash Aaithan 25 JAN AT 15:22

I started doing 'Things' and got some 'haters'.


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Kailash Aaithan 9 JAN AT 19:15

I don't care who
the biggest 'fish'
in the pond...
I am the whole
different 'animal'.


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Kailash Aaithan 5 JAN AT 23:20

आईना देखा तो जाना किस कदर झूठा हूँ मैं,
आईना तो है समूचा मगर उसमें भी टूटा हूँ मैं ।


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Kailash Aaithan 4 JAN AT 22:01

है इन आँखों के दरमियां
कोई चेहरा ऐसा,
बैठ जाऊँ गर मैं कहीं रेत पर
तो बन जाता है 'वही चेहरा'

है तो नहीं इन उंगलियों में
कोई विशेष कलाकारी,
मगर फिर भी बना देती
हू-ब-हू 'वही चेहरा'

आने को होता हूँ मिटाकर
तो फिर से यह रेत
मुझे खींच लेती,
बनाने को 'वही चेहरा'


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Kailash Aaithan 3 JAN AT 7:37

'Fightback' is more important than 'fight'.


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