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Joined 5 August 2017

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Joined 5 August 2017
K.R. Nisha 17 JUN AT 21:26

asking Jesus for a wine date...
You know you are directionless
Still focused...


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K.R. Nisha 5 JUN AT 9:58

Seven Summers and 288 broken nibs,
I've tried every possible fiction
to assure my heart of your return...
I know your promises aren't hollow,
But I'm consuming my life day by day...
Give me years of separation,
I won't complain,
But please confirm that the poems
I have been sending,
are serving you well...


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K.R. Nisha 29 MAY AT 21:07

When Didi says Modi ji is an "Expiry PM"


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K.R. Nisha 18 MAY AT 16:32

The rain washed roads have now,
Known the joy of being loved...
Aesthetics like this,
Happen only once a lifetime,
When all that makes sense to you
is a myth...


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K.R. Nisha 8 MAY AT 17:48

Out of all your forms,
I like the one who says a thousand words
With a simple 'Hi'...


4th part of the series, #youroddforms


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K.R. Nisha 28 APR AT 15:19

Tie me up with the last threads of grief,
For happiness, may not bind me...


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K.R. Nisha 14 APR AT 23:27

And when
the morning wakes up
Make sure
your regrets
are still asleep...


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K.R. Nisha 2 APR AT 12:53

Ek ladke ko dekha toh (ELKDTAL..Cover)

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K.R. Nisha 26 MAR AT 15:33

Good fences
make good neighbours...

(Heavily inspired by "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost)


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K.R. Nisha 11 MAR AT 13:00

I lost my identity,
The day he called me his...


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