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Joined 27 December 2018
Jyoti Arora YESTERDAY AT 20:34

What's in our phones
reflects us better
than what appears
on our mirrors.


Jyoti Arora 21 JUN AT 11:59

A book is not just paper and ink
A book is heart's blood poured out
Maybe a soul's angry shout
Or a message for you to think
Or joy pure for you to drink.
But it's never just paper and ink.


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Jyoti Arora 17 JUN AT 20:35

रूह बैचैन है कुछ इस कदर
आरज़ू की गूंज थमती नहीं।
तपती धारा, तरसती प्यास है
सुकून की बूंद मिलती नहीं।


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Jyoti Arora 16 JUN AT 18:43

a responsibility can be
the only glue
that keeps a person
from falling apart.

From You Came Like Hope


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Jyoti Arora 16 JUN AT 18:35

Life is an infinite desire
Trapped and tied
By world's petty strings.


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Jyoti Arora 15 JUN AT 2:33

It is said that when the darkness surrounds you, you must become your own sunshine.

You believe that. You try to hold on to your sunshine. To shine through the gloom.

But sometimes, the gloom gets too much. The struggle to keep shining gets too much. And you wish you were a moon and there was a sun lighting you up through the darkness. Those are lucky who find that Sun. Others just go on burning, or fade into the gloom.


Jyoti Arora 21 MAY AT 22:09

I may wander in the forest
Or linger by the sea.
I may look down from a hill
Or fly high as can be.
But wherever my dreams take me
This one thing remains true
Not even in my wildest dream
I see myself away from you.


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Jyoti Arora 14 MAY AT 18:23

उनके एहसासों की ज़मीन
इस कदर कायम है,
उसपर ख़्वाब टिका
अपना जहां बसा लिया।


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Jyoti Arora 9 MAY AT 17:03

अब तो आदत हो गई तनहाई में मौज मानने की।
क्यूंकि परछाइयों को आदत है अंधेरे में छोड़ जाने की।
पर चाह अभी भी है वही, नहीं टूटा वह अरमान
हमको भी ज़िद है
इक दिल में अपनी दुनिया बसाने की।


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Jyoti Arora 9 MAY AT 16:58

अब तो आदत हो गई है
सपने टूट जाने की।
क्यूंकि ज़िन्दगी को आदत है
ठेंगा दिखाने की।
पर कदम दर कदम
सफ़र अभी है जारी।
हमको भी ज़िद है
इक मुकाम पाने की।


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