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Joined 19 February 2018
2 JAN 2021 AT 17:15

My last microtale for a while.

Today completes the 365 day challenge for me. I wrote at least one time every day for 365 straight days. I wrote 365 micro tales and my hope is to turn most of them into short stories this year.

Some of them were stories and others were story prompts. I made them all up on the spot usually around 4 to 6 am (whenever I went to bed for the night).

I don't think these got good engagement although some of you really did enjoy a few of these. But I stuck with it and now probably won't do one for a while lol. My content on social media will slightly change but on instagram at least you wont see any more microtales.

I'm excited to finally be able to participate more fully in the writing community challenges on instagram!

Thank you all for reading my microtales for the last 365 days. There were so many times I wanted to just skip it for the night and go to bed but I stuck with it and I am so grateful to God for that and for you guys for not unfollowing me while I did this.

Goodbye Microtales. I'm not sure if you'll be missed or not!


1 JAN 2021 AT 17:00

A fire bolt flew through the air but Aira ducked and stuck her tongue out at her best friend. "You're gonna have to do better than that if you wanna best me!" she shouted.

Her best friend, of course, didn't fall for the taunt and instead sent another fire bolt toward Aira. She expertly twisted out of the way in time.

Suddenly, her friend and the fire bolts from her friend's magic disappeared. It happened a lot, Aira noted.

Her parents who were watching her, worried. But how could they tell her that her best friend had died and that she was hallucinating?


31 DEC 2020 AT 15:47

Music became the rhythm to Grace's heart. It saw her through her times as a slave... A gift from the Lord, it was. Music was more than just work songs. To Grace; music was the strength that carried her onward.

And one day soon, it would carry her to freedom.


30 DEC 2020 AT 17:25

Ayre glared at Thyrak with all the hatred he could muster. The sheer black emotion rolling through him made his magic unstable but Ayre wasn't thinking rationally. Not with what Thyrak had just declared.

Rava nytre...the right for any Master of Magic to take a man's wife away from him.

Ayre unballed his fists and flicked two powerful Wind Fire Bolts to his hands - the most powerful form of fire in existence. "You'll take my wife. Over my dead body."

Thyrak smirked. "That can be arranged..."


29 DEC 2020 AT 16:48

Once a night on every New Year's Eve... Kailey transformed into a beautiful but deadly creature of the night.

Not a vampire or a werewolf...

What do you think she is?

Finish the story!


28 DEC 2020 AT 16:14

Though the musician lost the song playing in his heart...

Though the writer lost the story unfolding in his mind...

Though the artist lost the painting etched in his soul...

Each of these three men had gained something so much more....

The One who truly satisfies the heart, mind, and soul.


27 DEC 2020 AT 17:05

Mord hated when his friends got him into situations that made no sense whatsoever that he also couldn't say no to. After all, dwarves never said no tona dare and his friends most certainly took advantage of that.

But even so... what in the blazes was a dwarf doing working as a basketball player anyway? It was a sport made for Elves (and some freakishly tall humans) but somehow Mord got roped into it. So, here he was.

The only good thing was that he... well, actually no. There was nothing good about this.


26 DEC 2020 AT 19:02

Sometimes Sam hated himself. He had depression and couldn't find a reason to get up in the morning. But his friends and family prayed over him and they even got him a dog to keep him company when they weren't around. The dog became his friend and companion and it got him into reading his Bible and praying again. Day by day the depression fled. Sometimes he struggled with it but sometimes Sam was okay now too


25 DEC 2020 AT 16:31

As Darius watched the video explaining what Jesus went through medically he felt sick to his stomach. For the first time in his life he realized it wasn't a joke or some ridiculous notion. Jesus Christ really did die on a cross and rise again for mankind.

But it didn't stop there.

Jesus suffered - truly and greatly, more than most people really understood.

Now Darius understood and he believed.


24 DEC 2020 AT 16:53

Janelle smiled as she gripped the microphone and continued into the next line of the song. It wasn't her first show but she was still the perfect blend of nerves and excitement.

At least until she noticed her ex boyfriend sitting in the front row.


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