Jesmary Johnson (Jes Mary)

The person as you know me, is dead.
Slayed by Reminiscences
The Neo noir kind

Master's student in physics.
Read captions too.
Jesmary Johnson 16 HOURS AGO

You know what
the greatest pleasure of life
maynot be in having
someone through good and bad,
it is having something
to be passionate about.


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Jesmary Johnson 18 FEB AT 17:56

I make a lot of mistakes, about us.
Maybe it's because
I love you too much that,
I don't know what to choose
when it comes to you.


Jesmary Johnson 17 FEB AT 20:28

You know what makes me
feel so comfortable with you,
it is that I can blindly believe
whatever you say,
you're too bad at lying.


Maybe the greatest blessing of all, trust!

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Jesmary Johnson 17 FEB AT 19:44

Is it really true that
I don't cross your mind
not even for a blink?


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Jesmary Johnson 17 FEB AT 19:30

When someone decides something
with their own life but
you eventually are the one
who suffer for it.


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Jesmary Johnson 13 FEB AT 23:12

I've loved you in everyway possible
I've loved you even when
I shivered from crying
I've loved you even when
Tears choked my breathe
I've loved you even when
Blood was flowing down
From the wounds I made.
But it was never enough for you.
How do I love you more?


Tell me how do I love you more?

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Jesmary Johnson 13 FEB AT 22:55

You were my hope
To look up to
Every morning
To hold on to
Every night.
What was I to you?


I'm not me without you!

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Jesmary Johnson 13 FEB AT 22:50

Will you remember me?
Or will I be just a lost letter
in your shelf covered in soot
Never seen or read by you.

Or will I be just the suit
Lost in your closet
That you don't use anymore
As it's too old to wear anymore.

Or will I be that old souvenir
Stuck in the pile of papers
That you burn in your fireplace
Now I'm lost forever, ain't I?


Jesmary Johnson 13 FEB AT 22:28

What if I remember your
Kiss, eyes, touch and voice
Even when I'm in
Someone else's arms
What do I do?


You are my Zing!

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Jesmary Johnson 13 FEB AT 22:22

You know as I look back
I only see pain and fear
The pain of distance
The fear of loosing
The pain of break-ups
The fear of being with you.

But when I look inside
I only see love.
I still love you
With all the strength left in me.
I know it's over forever, but
I love you!


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