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Joined 16 June 2017
Jesmary Johnson 17 AUG AT 0:33

Isn't it ironic that people
who've known us for
more than half our life,
would hurt us on purpose.
They exactly know what would break us.
But acquaintances, no matter how bad
they are,
would never hurt us.
They just can't.


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Jesmary Johnson 17 AUG AT 0:29

I don't miss much in life,
because I've not know half it's stuff.
But I do miss the freedom to
make stupid decisions in life like,
to just cut my hair or even shave it,
when life sucks, so that I can regret it later.
I miss that I can't go out,
meet a stranger and to have a conversation,
making me feel I'm special,
because acquaintances doesn't aim at hurting you.


You miss what you know.

Jesmary Johnson 17 AUG AT 0:11

I'd rather be the fool in love
or the rational loner,
than be the in a half hearted love.


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Jesmary Johnson 17 AUG AT 0:05

I find it hard to find my worth.
I feel vulnerable and left with
nothing of self respect.
I'm scared that I've spiralled into the mess,
out of which I'll never get out.
I find everything that I do to get out,
pulling me back into the mess again.
I find it hard to think,
and I'm only sure about one thing.
It's that I love you and
everything else is a blur.
And yet sometimes I feel that
I stumbled upon love at the wrong time,
But with the right person.


Could love be so confusing. Yes!

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Jesmary Johnson 15 AUG AT 0:53

When you tell someone something,
that, you know, may hurt them,
and they just respond to it,
stay silent and respond again.
That is when you know you hurt them.
Hurt doesn't even cover it.
They're processing whatever you said,
and it's when they understand it,
they accept it.


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Jesmary Johnson 13 AUG AT 4:14

I was not weak when you left me,
not when you found someone else,
not when I knew your lies, but,
I was weak only when I loved you.


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Jesmary Johnson 5 AUG AT 1:13

It's so true that we are our past.
Sometimes we push ourselves over the edge to live upto it,
at other times, the people around us push our past onto our present,
making sure that we hold to it.
And yet we believe we're past our past,
we're not.
There is always this part of us that hold on to our past,
no matter how messed up it is.


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Jesmary Johnson 5 AUG AT 1:05

It's so weird
We keep talking about the problem that I can't find a reason or a solution,
it spontaneously occurs to me,
just like that.


It's satisfyingly annoying!

Jesmary Johnson 5 AUG AT 0:40

we might have fallen so far
away in our pasts
but we've managed
to get back together
and after all the times
we've hurt each other
I find it overwhelming that
I'm still in love with you
and I'll always be.


I love you!


Jesmary Johnson 3 AUG AT 18:19

The more I remember people
the more they forget me.


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