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Joined 16 June 2017
Jesmary Johnson YESTERDAY AT 18:56

To say what you want to say
without offending anyone,
is the best way to win the argument.


And will always be.

Jesmary Johnson YESTERDAY AT 18:50

Mountains make you humble,
people from mountains are.


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Jesmary Johnson 5 APR AT 20:18

Sometimes you feel so weird,
so out of place, and at a flick,
all friends turn to acquaintances,
and all acquaintances, mere strangers.
Every bit of familiarity is lost, replaced
by stinging estrangement and hostility.
Maybe that is when you move out,
out into the foreign.


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Jesmary Johnson 2 APR AT 20:27

Until I convince myself
That you're gone,
And no matter what I say
You're going to belong
To someone else.

I erase all my words,
When I'm sane.


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Jesmary Johnson 31 MAR AT 22:02

Confusion has become my reality.
Everyday I'm confused about everything.
I'm not a person with true reason.
I carry a lot of self-doubt in me.
I find it hard to make a decision.
Yet it doesn't disturb me as I believe in fate.


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Jesmary Johnson 31 MAR AT 13:37

If only you could see
how hard I want
to love you,
how scared I am
to disappoint you, and
how much I want us
to be together.


Would you love like I do?

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Jesmary Johnson 28 MAR AT 19:05

As I watch the days go by
lying on my couch,
unable to move,
I wonder if this is the end.


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Jesmary Johnson 26 MAR AT 19:51

Sometimes you just wait for a person
And they never come, ever.
But someone else show up
And you start thinking, all along
you were waiting for them.


All good things to those who wait? Maybe!

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Jesmary Johnson 24 MAR AT 14:56

When you see someone in pain
never be at haste to pull them out of it.
Let them take their time,
learn their lessons,
and find their own way to be
at peace with it.
All you have to do is to be there for them
when they come out of it.


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Jesmary Johnson 22 MAR AT 20:54

When you get to know people
there are only two types of people.
The ones you like more and
the ones that you avoid more


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