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Exploring Myself
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Exploring Myself
Joined 16 July 2017
29 MAR AT 19:30

I know a woman
Who wanted it all
And lost it all!

I know a woman
Who wanted nothing
But got it all!

I know a woman
Who needed something desperately,
But couldn't realize
Even as that door opened to her.

I know a woman
Who got things
She had waited forever
Without realising it's been within her all the time.

I know a woman
Who woke up to reality
Focusses on living intentionally
Then started Living life one day at a time.

I am here everywhere,
I realised it's all within us,
It's how we see and what we feel
For all of this starts only with you!


10 NOV 2020 AT 22:45

It still hurts everywhere
To think you are no more
It's been four years,
Still, it's like yesterday.

There is no one like you,
I'm not looking for anyone like you,
It is with you,
My heart stays forever.

Your laughter fills my soul,
Your smiling face is often a reminder,
Of how small problems can be,
You're the best we've ever had!

You made me feel,
So special about myself,
My bundle of positivity,
You just give everyone the right kick!

I often think that
Our long conversations
Was a blessing in disguise
For once, I spent the time right.

These kind of memories
Not only make me happy
But reminds me of you
And in my heart that stays!


8 NOV 2020 AT 13:36

Making peace with the past,
Is impossible.
I've been at my best
With my goals and dreams.

I had a brilliant life
Achieving things I had set out to do
With little fear
Of what tomorrow has in store.

I am confined within the four walls
I feel so lost, that it troubles my soul
To think about my dreams and desires.

What's in a complaint
That rusts the mind?
One has to come a full circle
To live their purpose.

I made this choice for a reason,
I want to stand by it all season.
As I start to ease in,
I find my purpose breeze in!


9 OCT 2020 AT 15:31

Those we think strong,
Are sometimes the weakest links.

Those we think clever,
Are sometimes the most foolish.

Those we think beautiful,
Sometimes have the ugliest thoughts.

It is in what we think about them,
It is never about who they actually are!

Truth is always harsh
Keep your heart open to it
You will never be disappointed,
About people or situations.


22 SEP 2020 AT 14:15

To Our Dear Daughter,

Our best blessing
Our ray of sunshine
Our bundle of happiness
Our little Miss know it all!

Hugs N Kisses
Are not enough
To show you
How much we love you!

Happy Daughter's Day to
all the lovely girls!


22 SEP 2020 AT 0:47

Let tears fall
like the dried leaves,
off the tree.

Let the sorrows leave
As you shed the tears
Making way for better things!

Life's drama
Is not over
If you don't change!

Change from within
Stands strong
For very long!


21 SEP 2020 AT 2:16

Tired Mother
Closed Eyes
Fast Asleep


21 SEP 2020 AT 2:07

I choose to avoid
When I cannot fake
I feel it is best
To leave than to stay!

I cannot share a false face
To be a part of the crowd
I realised I am at my best
When I am left alone!


21 SEP 2020 AT 1:59

When I sit for a moment's peace
My phone beeps.
It's more chaotic
When I cannot ignore.

When the phone rings
It is not easy to ignore
It wrecks my mind,
Till I pick it before the ring ends.

I wonder what's urgent
Or am I afraid to miss.
What could happen,
If I don't pick it!

Sometimes it's okay to skip
A whole lot of stuff
Fear is a liar,
I have come to know.

I don't want to stay connected
All the time now.
It is fine to stay away
It is easier not to sway.

With very little left to talk
And so much more to learn
It makes sense
To keep my phone far away!

The choice is mine
To ignore the call
That takes my time away
Leaving me drained!


21 SEP 2020 AT 1:40

The silent mornings
The silent moments
My most precious
In every day life.


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