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Exploring Myself
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Exploring Myself
Joined 16 July 2017
Jayanthy Govindarajan 31 DEC 2019 AT 9:36

Thank you 2019,
For constantly reminding me,
The sweet little joys of life.
For helping me stay sane,
During most chaos.

For giving me the opportunity
To try new things and also enjoy it.
For all the people who chose to stay with me,
And for those who left me.

For all the help I've received,
For learning through my mistakes,
For being there and not being there for my dear ones,
For the safe journey you've given me.

Thank you 2019
You have been kind to me
and helped me survive it in a better way.


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Jayanthy Govindarajan 5 OCT 2019 AT 17:55

My phone is filled with random selfies,⠀
I bet this is a fine time to share such photos,⠀
Some irrelevant and blurred,⠀
Yet, it is a beauty in itself.⠀

When I take my phone,⠀
I see a series of photos,⠀
Taken by my little one,⠀
All the same, yet different.⠀

I cannot stop laughing at times,⠀
I scroll and enjoy her cuteness,⠀
Cherishing her activities,⠀
Amazed at how soon they grow.⠀

Though at times I am annoyed,⠀
To see so many photos,⠀
Filling my already crowded gallery,⠀
With ceiling and floor mostly!⠀


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Jayanthy Govindarajan 4 OCT 2019 AT 23:00

Fear might scare you now,
Uncertainty could kill the dreams now,
Still, just pause and look back,
The journey you have taken so far.

Sometimes when we wonder,
What's the journey we've been through,
Some moments just flash before us,
A few making us smile and cry.

It's a worthy ride,
You've broken the barriers of negativity,
One day at a time, Also remember,
You've learnt to stand your ground.

Life's just that,
A mixed bundle,
A rollercoaster ride,
A beautiful path all through the way.


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Jayanthy Govindarajan 29 MAY 2019 AT 22:45

My emotions are running wild,
There is nothing left to say,
I wish I could let it all go,
Like none of it matters at all!

Let things find their way,
Out of my mind,
Into the wide universe,
To someone who finds value in it!


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Jayanthy Govindarajan 23 FEB 2019 AT 19:28

I realized that
a routine was in place only
when my child fell sick


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Jayanthy Govindarajan 13 FEB 2019 AT 16:05

Oh my little darling,
You grow up so fast,
I just wish I could hold on,
To each moment so tight!

I feel so blessed to be your mother,
I really wish I could just get better,
Parenting is still new to me,
I think that is how it will always be.

I adore your playfulness,
Though I couldn't stand by and laugh always,
Those are lovely memories I recollect,
As I watch you sleep.

You are growing beautifully,
I could just stand by and watch,
I am sending a prayer above,
To send a sea of calmness through.


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Jayanthy Govindarajan 3 FEB 2019 AT 5:10

I wish to sit down
Share a word or two with all
Dream I will die with


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Jayanthy Govindarajan 14 JAN 2019 AT 6:06

Let the flames consume
All things old and derelict
Spreading warmth within.


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Jayanthy Govindarajan 13 JAN 2019 AT 23:53

And then on some days
I choose to sit in silence
With no words to share


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Jayanthy Govindarajan 13 JAN 2019 AT 15:44

Pray to the Sun Lord
And welcome Thai thirunaal
Thankful fresh harvest


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