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20 SEP AT 23:53

Brilliant under the
Mysterious star lit sky
More so in loving company


19 SEP AT 23:39

What we take for granted:

I couldn't enjoy the flavours in my chai
The strong ginger was wasted on me
I didn't realise the milk was getting burnt
I could see the flower, it evoked nothing in me
The incense sticks were letting out smoke alright but added nothing to the aura
Only when you lose something you realise it's value
That's how I feel without my sense of smell


11 JUN AT 9:03

Motherhood and it's progression

I think it's quite a beautiful age when your little darling is 2.5 to 3 years, like mine. I feel his infinite love, pure and indented by wants, or any motives.
It's really like a love I never knew through all these years. I soak in it , I let myself have it for as long as it will last.
It's the love of a child who is aware of his environment, love with authority of our relationship, and undeniable caring.
If only we all could love like that! Wonder what restricts love in the adult world. Is it the heart wounded with time?


29 SEP 2020 AT 0:13

How things can change
Like the flowing wind
What was true for so long
Is now just a distant memory


9 JUN 2020 AT 22:47

Dear chinnamma

I cherish every moment with you
There is so much beauty in your face
Naughtiness behind your smile
A divine innocence in those eyes
Honesty in your every emotion
A charm in your walk and style
You create joy wherever you are darling
Picking up new things absorbing like a sponge
Bless you with all happiness and peace
Love love and more love
Thanks for brightening all my days
With your purity



25 MAY 2020 AT 23:08

When we meet.....

You are like a sine curve
I never know at what point you are
You could be in your high
You could be in your low
Or even anywhere inbetween
It's always unpredictable
Can you ever rely on a sine curve?!
You could be lucky one time
You could be a totally different the another time
I am just a simple straight line
And we meet after each of your ups and downs
But part we must before we can touch base again
Because that is our very nature


27 APR 2020 AT 23:40

Book goals

January - Anne Frank diary
February and March - Sapiens - A brief history of human kind by Yuval Noah Harari
April - Who painted my money white by Sree Iyer

Books are the best transporters into the world far away


19 APR 2020 AT 22:14

I will fly so high
Enough to get an overview
To see the whole picture
To see beyond these tit bits
So that maybe, just maybe
I can figure out
What to make of this life!


19 APR 2020 AT 22:07




8 APR 2020 AT 23:22

the battle for peace


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